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(YouTube)   And you thought the Appalachian dulcimer was strictly a folk instrument. Enjoy this rendition of "Whole Lotta Love"   ( divider line
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Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love - on dulcimer

Classic Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love" played on 3-string electric mountain dulcimer by Sam Edelston.

The dulcimer can be a very sweet, tender instrument -- but it's also
great for rocking out. Tuned 1-5-8, it's loaded with power chords. Through a stack of Marshalls ... hmmm ... that would be fun!

Instrumental break at about 1:29. Third verse at 1:52. Beginning of the ending at 2:28.

If you enjoyed this and want to hear more, my latest is Blondie's "Call Me" at​vD4

If you want something non-electric and unique, try "Please. Please Me" at ... and be sure to catch the last verse.

Come to my music page:​stons.Music.Page/


Technical details: Robert Force model "Black Wolf" hollow-body electric dulcimer built by Rod Matheson, tuned DAd. (Yes, all that sound is coming from just 3 strings.) Capo on the first fret, played in Am.

Dulcimer players: This arrangement doesn't require extra frets. I've got a single high C at 8+, in the break, which could be replaced or played elsewhere .

One pickup is running through an octave pedal, overdrive, and chorus. The second pickup is running through a phase shifter, compressor-sustainer, and Blues Driver distortion pedal. The two channels merge in a digital delay, and there's a volume pedal at the end.

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