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(YouTube)   If you ever wanted to see a robotic Eugene Mirman kill Ira Glass while Yo La Tengo plays today is your day   ( divider line
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Toymageddon - featuring Yo La Tengo, Ira Glass, Eugene Mirman a Christmas MUSIC VIDEO

Toymageddon is the first single off the upcoming album 2776, which brings comedians and musicians together on a journey through the first millennium of American history.

All proceeds from the song and the album go to support OneKid OneWorld (

Buy the single on iTunes:​eddon-feat.-ira-glass/id746530931?ls=1

Enslaved Humanoid Band - Yo La Tengo
Santa - Ira Glass
Deadly Robot - Eugene Mirman

Lyrics by Stephen Levinson, Joel Moss Levinson, Rob Kutner
Music by Yo La Tengo
Illustration by Juliana Brafa
Animation by Ed Mundy
Directed by Ed Mundy and Todd Bieber
Video Produced by Julie Gomez
Gaffer: Pavel Ezrohi
Production Assistants: Clark Frankle & Patrick Robinson

Stay up to date on our future musical/comedy collaborations:

Snowflakes falling through the night
Families huddled warm and tight
A holy silence fills the land
And not exactly in the way we planned
On the Christmas when the toys came alive

Trees bedecked with ornaments
Gifts transmitting coordinates
They've all opened on their own volition
Toy soldiers marching on a secret mission
On the Christmas when the toys came alive

Toymageddon is here.
The playthings went haywire
In the ultimate war on Christmas
They roasted our nuts in the fire.

Laughing Clowns and talking bears
Opening doors and climbing stairs
Moving together as one collective
Their off switches ineffective
On the Christmas when the toys came alive

Ira: Scattered humans gather round and hear my sorry Eug: WONDROUS TALE!
Back when Yuletide was a time of peace and Eug: HUMANITY WAS FRAIL!

On one cold December night, while children dreamt of christmas presents
Those very toys were busy plotting mankind's obsolescence

'Twas In every home across the land, like gift wrapped Trojan horses
Mommies and daddies everywhere falling to our SUPERIOR FORCES

My Little Ponies were the first to arrive
And woe to any human who collected all five

A special torture was reserved for those smug
families who were fans of Melissa and Doug

Against toy jets and airplanes, our downfall was abrupt
Their missiles were intended for ages 3 and up

Now mankind's mere batteries, it's a fact and we must face it.
To power the Machines they made.

Too late we realized we had designed our own defeat
And we regret we weren't designed to eat you all as meat

They made a terrible list of those humans who were still valuable
checking it twice was irrelevant. We are infallible.

Oh, when mankinds embers finally fade, who will tell the tale of Christmas?
(winding down) Let me suck more voltage, meatbag, I'm feeling a bit listless!

Oh look, now X1-9's napping -- a fine Christmas tradition.
So I'll just tiptoe over here if you folks'll kindly listen...

(stage-whispering) Strike the back of their necks with an electric wire, it overloads their circuits! It's the only way!!!
Eug: Nice try, Human! I was only napping with one optical sensor dimmed.
(Sounds of electrocution, Ira screams)

Eug: Mr. Kristopher Kringle, I have checked my list and found you Naughty... FOREVER!

(over zapping sounds)

Toymageddon has come
They exploited humanities flaws
We tried to buy our kids love
While they took dumps on robotics three laws

Toymageddon is nigh
Their wooden eyes were fearless
In the ultimate war on yuletide
It came down to the Toys or Us/

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