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(YouTube)   You have not experienced Bohemian Rhapsody until you have heard it in the original Klingon   ( divider line
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BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - KLINGON cover version - Recorded by Rusty Matyas and the Qapla'! Band Players

Dedicated to frontline humans of Earth, doing their best in the face of COVID 19


Music and lyrics by Freddie Mercury and Queen
Cover and parody video inspired by Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek
All rights to them

Translated lyrics found on Reddit, uploaded by Reddit user u/kahless62003
Link and lyrics below, try to sing along!

the Qapla band players (recorded audio)

Aisha Belle..................................First lead violin
IAN CAMERON............................Lead vocals
Natanielle Felicitas.....................Lead cello
Dana Kowalsky (Dana 1)............Lead harp
Keri Latimer.................................Lead theramin
Rusty Matyas (Dana 2)...............Lead bass, lead guitar, lead piano, lead harmonies
John Paul Peters........................Second lead violin
Glenn Radley...............................Lead drums

Audio produced and recorded by Rusty Matyas at Paintbox Recording*
Extra engineering by Aaron Bartel
Mixed by John Paul Peters at Private Ear Recording
Mastered by Michael Falk at Paintbox Recording
Winnipeg, Canada

*except for violin, theramin, and harp - all recorded in isolation by the performers during the COVID outbreak.

Isolation style videos sent from the homes of:

Joanna Miller and Chris Dunn
Craig J. Ward
the Klippensteins - Bill, Melissa, Ruby, and Jackson
Zack Antel
Ian Cameron
Aisha Belle
Natanielle Felicitas
Kevin Roy
Chris Gaudry
Dana Kowalsky
the Latimers - Oscar and Keri
Glenn Radley
Lloyd Peterson
Rusty Matyas

Video direction, editing and fx by Francesco Guidoccio Pizzeria Italiano in his home in Toronto


Most people don't know about the intergalactic roots contained within Bohemian Rhapsody. It was actually originally a Klingon Warrior's entire epic saga, and the piece was 6 years, 4 months, and 2 days long, give or take - depending on who counted it in.

At an intergalactic music conference (SXSWXSEXNXNWXSEXSWXNXNEXUPXDOWNXSXSW) in 1974, Freddie overheard one of the Klingon bands playing their new demo for some big shot record executive. After introducing himself, Freddie convinced them to let Queen use the music for their upcoming album. Naturally, it had to be dumbed WAY down to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it 6 minute hit we know and love on Earth today. Thank you Freddie.

Moonrise Music Club merchandise:

uploaded by redditt user: u/kahless62003


ngebHa''a' yInvam'e'? jaltaHghach 'oH'a' neH?
mujon pumbogh puH, DI'rujvamvo' jInarghlaHbe'
mInDu'lIj tIpoSmoH, 'ej chalDaq yIlegh
chovup vIneHbe', loDHom Do'Ha' jIH neH
jIghoSDI' 'ej jIjaHDI' ngeDmo', vItlhchugh pagh vItlhHa'chugh
SuS HoS vIqeltaHvIS, jIHvaD tlhoy 'oH bop vISaHbe', jIHvaD

SoSoy, qen loD vIchotpu'
nachDajvaD HIch vIQeqpu', chu'wI' yuvpu', DaH Heghpu'
SoSoy, qen jIyInchoHpu'
'ach DaH yInwIj naQ vIpolHa'chu'pu'
SoSoy, 'o-'o-'o-'o, qaSaQmoH 'e' vIHechbe'
qaSpa' wa'leS poHvam jIcheghpu'be'chugh
yIruchtaH, yIruchtaH 'ej pagh SaHbogh vay' yIDalaw'

narghpu' 'eb, tugh jIHegh
jIHeghvIpmo' bIr pIpwIj, 'oy'law'taH porghwIj
naDevvo' jIjaHnIS. Savan, Hoch.
tlhIHvo' jImejnISqu' 'ej vIt vIbamnIS
SoSoy, 'o-'o-'o-'o, (SuS HoS vIqeltaHvIS)
jIHegh vIneHbe'
paghlogh jIboghchoHpu' rut 'e' vIjInqu'

[leSpal mob QoQ]

wa' loD QIb tu'qomHomHey mach vIleghlaw'taH
*SIqaramuS*, *SIqaramuS*, qul mI' DamI''a'?
mughIjqu' wabDaj'e' pe'bIl'e' je, mughIjqu'
*ghalIl'eyo'*, *ghalIl'eyo'*, *ghalIl'eyo'*, *ghalIl'eyo'*,
*ghalIl'eyo'*, *vIgha'ro'*, QaQqu' ghu'vetlh
loD Do'Ha' jIH neH, 'ej mumuSHa' pagh
Do'Ha'bogh tuqvo' loDHom Do'Ha' ghaH neH
ghu'vam qabqu'vo' narghlaH 'e' yIchaw'
jIghoSDI', jIjaHDI' ngeD, tujonHa''a'
Qun pongvaD! Qo', bIjaH 'e' wIchaw'be'
(yItlhabmoH) Qun pongvaD! bIjaH 'e' wIchaw'be'
(yItlhabmoH) Qun pongvaD! bIjaH 'e' wIchaw'be'
(HItlhabmoH) bIjaH 'e' wIchaw'be'
(HItlhabmoH) bIjaH 'e' wIchaw'be'. (HItlhabmoH) 'o
Qo'! Qo'! Qo'! Qo'! Qo'! Qo'! Qo'!
('o SoSoywI', SoSoywI') SoSoywI'! HItlhabmoH!
jIHvaD veqlarghHom poltaH veqlargh 'e' vISov, jIHvaD, jIHvaD

nagh chojaDlaH 'ej mInwIj Datuy'laH 'e' DaQub
chomuSHa'laH vaj HeghmeH cholonlaH 'e' DaQub
'o bangwI', jIHvaD yIta'Qo', bangwI'!
jIHaw'nIS neH - naDevvo' jIHaw'nISchu' neH

ghu'vam vISaHbe'qu', 'e' leghlaH vay'
ghu'vam vISaHbe'qu'
ghu'vam vISaHbe'qu', jIHvaD
SuS HoS vIqeltaHvIS

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