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OhFark is a pandemic-limited badge to help us bridge the gap between now and when things return to normal. The badge will show up when you post comments and in your profile. Ad revenues across all digital media are down 70% or more. You can read more about the situation here. Questions? Check out the FArQ page or contact Farkback if you can't find your question answered there.

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FarkUnits (FUs) can be purchased now and redeemed whenever you want. You can redeem 100 FUs for a month of TotalFark for anyone you'd like (including yourself). Or you can redeem 50 FUs for a month of BareFark.

20 FUs can also be used for the Fark SwearJar - so you can put words like 'fuck' and 'shit' in your comments without having them filtered to 'fark' and 'shiat.'

Keep an eye on this FArQ page for other ways to spend your FUs. We'll be updating it as we release new ways to use them!

Drew can accept as many TotalFark subscriptions as you'd like to throw at him, and is grateful for every single one.

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