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Fark Weird News Quiz - October 15, 2021 (Easy Version)

Welcome back to another edition of the weekly Fark Weird News Quiz. Every week we write a few questions on randomly picked weird news stories from the week, and then discuss why most Americans drink coffee from 10-12 oz. mugs but coffee carafes are lined in 6 oz. increments. I mean, does *anyone* drink only 6 ounces of coffee?

There's also a harder version of the quiz, but you'll need to be logged into your Fark account to take it.

The Rules: Click any answer to proceed to the next question. There is no time limit, however your time is being tracked. Your score is tallied as you go, and once you finish, your final score will be presented to you!

Note: your score will not be saved after finishing because you aren't logged in. If you don't have a Fark account, you can get one (for free) here.

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