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How do I allow ads on Adblock Plus

Find the Adblock Plus icon (a red stopsign with white 'ABP' letters) on your toolbar. Click it, and you'll see a switch for 'Block ads on this website:'. Switch that to 'off' and refresh the page. Adblock

Find the Adblock icon (a red stopsign with a white hand) on your toolbar. Click it, and select the option: "Don't run on pages on this site". Click 'Exclude' to complete the process. AdGuard

Find the AdGuard icon (a green shield with a white checkmark) on your toolbar. Click it, and move the 'checkmark' switch to the left so that it says, "Protection is disabled". uBlock Origin

Find the uBlock Origin icon (a red shield with white 'UO' letters) on your toolbar. Click it, and then click the big blue "on" button (the partial circle with a vertical line). Refresh the page. uBlock Origin on Firefox Mobile

Tap the 'menu' in Firefox Mobile (the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner). Scroll to the bottom and tap the "uBlock Origin" menu item. Then tap the big blue "on" button (the partial circle with a vertical line) so that it turns from blue to grey. Refresh the page. Ghostery

Find the Ghostery icon (a blue ghost) on your toolbar. Click it, and then click 'Trust Site'.

If you have concerns about the number of 3rd party sites showing up in Ghostery's "bubble" list, please see Why do I see so many third-party calls in my Ghostery, DoNotTrackMe, etc
If you have concerns about tracking cookies, please see How do I help Fark make money, but NOT be tracked? another adblocker

Send us a "Tech question" Farkback and let us know what add-ons/extensions you're running that you think are blocking ads, and we'll help you figure out how to allow ads Fark.

I've allowed ads on in my adblocker, but I still see the "feed our squirrel" banner

Are you seeing ads on the page along with the "please allow ads" yellow banner?  If so, please take a screenshot and send in a "Tech question" Farkback.  You can upload the screenshot on the Farkback form.

If you're not seeing ads (in particular, the top ad next to the Fark logo), it's possible you disabled Adblock for us but have another add-on/extension that's causing problems.  You can try temporarily disabling all your add-ons except your adblocker and restart your browser and see if you get ads (and not the 'squirrel banner') at that point.

Please make sure you're using the current version of your extensions.

How can I help improve this FArQ?

Have any comment/complaints/proofreading-fixes/etc for us? Please send us a "Tech question" Farkback.

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