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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-11-25 to Sat 2018-12-01
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-11-25 to Sat 2018-12-01:  And it is written, Heimdal shall blow Gjallerhorn and Fenrir shall swallow the Sun. Then brother shall kill brother, and no man shall have mercy on another  For no particular reason or anything, here are six tricks and tips on how to avoid getting a hangover. Not drinking not on the list, because, duh...have you noticed what website you're on?  Aryan Brotherhood bell ringers at Walmart. Probably dreaming of a white Christmas  Butte hole plugged  Missionary position vexes Indian authorities  Abcde heartbroken after being mocked by airline employee, says mother, Lmnop  High speed chase ensues afters thieves make off with A) Cash B) Drugs or C) $20,000 worth of maple syrup. Hint: Canada  Like many Farkers, Mars rover Curiosity interrupts its work when distracted by something shiny  Renoir painting stolen ahead of auction in Vienna. "If you want it back," says the thief, "Show me the Monet"  Ten high school football players suspended for a prank involving crack-laced Oreo cookies. Wait, strike that, reverse it

Sports:  Buffalo Bills hire firms to study building new stadium. Architectural firm designed Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Not that that means anything. NFL teams never move  Kicker Matt Bryant misses Thursday's practice. Also misses K-tel, party lines, skate keys, typewriters, and the National Anthem on TV at 1 a.m

Geek:  "How high-tech toilets could soon be tracking your every movement." Your. Every. MOVEMENT  Teenager gets matched with his sister on Tinder. Teens in Alabama still using  Five ways to help robots work together with people, claims Skynet's PR arm  Spider milk is a thing, which implies the existence of spider boobs, and therefore some really weird Drow porn. Rule 34

Entertainment:  Bo Burnham won breakthrough director for his "Eighth Grade" movie. I hope someone has a GIF for that  Accio Midichloria  If you sue for not being blind friendly there's a pretty good chance we know what made you blind in the first place (NSFW content on page)

Politics:  Something called a Roosh V is pushing for incels to report cam girls to the IRS. This is a very 2018 headline  Imp tricked into saying his name backwards returns to his home dimension, only to find he is no longer welcome there  Melania Trump's book sells 1.4 million copies in one week, years before she writes it  The White House Christmas trees this year were watered with the blood of the fallen in the War on Christmas  Lordy, there are probably Man-Ass tapes  Jerome Corsi says he might die in jail for helping Trump, but I won't believe it until I see the long-form death certificate  Have you heard who "Individual 1" is yet? He's the individual who's in deep do do because of Michael Cohen's guilty plea. Could be anyone. No way to tell  Don't be shocked by the sound of his voice, check out Bob's new weapon, weapon of choice

Business:  Twelve percent of nursery school workers say they hear toddlers swearing. Which would stop if they just did a better job in getting the milk and cookies out a little faster

Discussion:  Benadryl or whiskey? Benadryl or whiskey? Benadryl or whiskey?  One medieval Trial by Ordeal was the Trial by Cake, which is much preferable to Death  Use gene splicing to create a cat with the loyalty of a dog, the personality of a dog and the body of a dog  Does missionary help... Sorry, do missionaries help or harm?  Hai u guyz When is the big Fark bonkmfest?

D'awww:  We're just grabbing smokes and some Budweiser. Act cool  Police capture little piggy they named Bacon. Sheer force of will avoids obvious joke  Squirrel rescue puts out urgent plea for acorns - community goes nuts with donations. That's the oak. (w/ adorable pics)

Food:  Mustard has its own entire museum... for me to Poupon
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