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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-10-21 to Sat 2018-10-27
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-10-21 to Sat 2018-10-27:  Have fun storming the castle ... but beware the donut-stealing wolfhounds  Highway workers discover 130,000-year-old wooly mammoth skeleton. Well, one of them discovered it. The other eight just stood around and watched  Replica Titanic II to follow the original Titanic's route and promises an "authentic Titanic experience. Because if there's one thing people are always asking for on cruises it's the full Titanic experience  Police station video shows suspect pouring syrup on police car. Does not appear to be work of cereal vandal  Feds find 280 pounds of cocaine in marionberry shipment at the border. Truck full of darrylstrawberries seen making a quick U-turn  Was it over when the Germans bombed the Ventura Freeway?  Billy Cosby: "I want a new trial and a reduced sentence, Your Honor." Judge: "H-E-L-L-NO"  Man in panda mask doesn't eat shoots and leaves, but does rob convenience store of cigarettes and cash  You trying to pipe bomb me? I don't see anyone else around here. So, you must be trying to pipe bomb me  Pricipal . Caught Sayoc bomb that has stoped Vandstandsing " MAGAbombed " Is He dead or not. CNN Says yes. St. Pete Times Looking for vanifesto -OR- "hello, I am mail dud bomb to explode and wait for answer again"  Doctors remove live cricket from ear of man who thought nobody liked his jokes

Sports:  Seahawks sale coming after Paul Allen's death. Wealthy investors in Oklahoma seen licking their chops  Hey, ladies, Rae Carruth is back on the market  Draymond Green lamenting lack of D in NBA. Probably right, but Shawn Kemp's D ended up everywhere so it all balances out  Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes deal with the devil is going great, if this week is any indication  Today, Gritty destroys a penalty box. Tomorrow, the patriarchy  Showing he's still got what it takes, DeMarcus Cousins gets a technical and an ejection all while sitting on the bench in street clothes

Geek:  Windows bug means you should check your flies - er, files - before you unzip  Well, have the Hubble folks tried turning it off and turning it bac--- wait, they did? And it worked?  ▲..... Stuuu .................. dennnt .................. dis...................... coverrrs .................. slowwww................... essst .................... everrrr ...................... pulsar................ star............▼  Have you heard about the caravan of refugees headed towards Earth?  Mathematicians on 4chan solve "shortest possible superpermutation" mystery from the 1990s, stumble on solution while trying to optimize their anime viewing time

Entertainment:  Coen Bros. movies ranked by emojis to the 👈. Like, your opinion, man, to the 👉  Benetton founder dies at age 77. News spreads through entire fashion world since it's a very clothes knit community  Drake Beatles the record for most #1 hits in a year  Y_u _ _ _ h_ve _ ch_ _ce t_ _ _ste _w_y i_ M_rg_rit_ville, th_ _ks to _heel _f F_rtu_e  Megyn Kelly is off the "Today" show. Gosh is her face black

Politics:  Siemens pulls out of Riyadh conference. That's gonna leave a stain  Ermahgerd, it's an Emergy  Ha, 69. Oh, and vote  You can't spell hatred without red hat  OK, show of hands... Who HASN'T accidentally donated $600 to a presidential campaign? I know that I do it fairly often myself  DeSantis: Not racist, but #1 with racists  Ethiopia swears in its first female president. Status of her emails is unclear  Megyn Kelly will be going as "unemployed black journalist" for Halloween this year  Midterms could be the strangest in decades. Which would be a refreshing break for how normal everything has been up to this point  No snarky headline. Just a fascinating article about the role of nihilism in US politics. Nothing matters. Eat at Arby's

Business:  This might be hard to believe but investigation finds online sellers are paying people to give them positive reviews. In other news, sign up today for TotalFark to learn the secrets of eternal life and happiness  Dutch distillery makes vodka out of tulips. Method of production is cut and dried  Cathay Pacific gets hacked. Ack  Keurig Dr Pepper to cut 2, 4, 10, 118 jobs in Vermont

Discussion:  Ever wonder what Bettie Page, Joan Crawford, Paul Lynde, Jimmy Durante, and other stars of yesteryear did for Halloween? In other news, way to phone it in, Elvis (pics)  Expert reveals the secret to a sizzling sex life. No, it is not keeping the branding iron near the bed. Also doesn't involve bacon  So...western civilization has fallen. Are you a 1) Brutal gang member/leader, surviving off the unlucky 2) Bootstrappy rugged individualist, armed to the teeth, bowing to no man 3) Lunatic mutant living in the sewer

D'awww:  Oh Fark  Your cat wants fish  Man builds miniature homes for the mice in his garden - home squeak home  Sure it looks cute but somebody has to rake those leaves again

Food:  Greenbush Bakery + Octopi Brewing = Chocolate Cherry Donut Stout  Brewers weigh in on how to tell if you're in a really good taproom. Look, it's easy, folks. 1) Look around. 2) Do you see more than one IPA on draft? 3) No? 4) You're in a really good taproom
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