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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-17 to Sat 2017-12-23
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HotW 12/17/2017-12/23/2017

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-17 to Sat 2017-12-23:  It's called "phantom debt" and it's a scourge bedeviling millions of Americans. Here's the story of one man who fought back -- with a vengeance  'Significant' security incident at UK air base. Threat level raised to What's All This Then  'Where to go for bottomless mimosas in Central Florida.' Don't listen, the last time I took my pants off while drinking I got tasered  Can't sleep, sheep will eat me  What to do when Queen Elizabeth springs a leak? Depends  Day care worker accused of burning 5 toddlers with hot glue gun, will never finish that nativity scene now  Charlottesville police chief retires, plans to open Tiki bar  Better Call Heywood Jablome  Row, row, row your boat / Through the bus windscreen / Scarily, scarily, scarily, scarily / Hear the schoolkids scream  North Korea says it will make the US bitterly regret its strategy. We have a strategy?

Sports:  Eli Manning likes the NFL catch rule, spilling hot coffee on himself  Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says the NFL needs to revisit its catch rule. Apparently he feels the league really dropped the ball on that one  Vince McMahon just sold $100 million of WWE shares to fund the XFL sequel. I'd say he's got no chance in hell, but the last time I mocked a McMahon failure, she got a cabinet position

Geek:  World's smallest mobile phone is sure to be very popular in prisons. The inventor says it will retail at £39, but along with the phone he may have pulled that number out of his ass  North Korea reportedly arming its ICBMs with anthrax. It could result in Megadeth  Astronomers think they might finally know where Saturn's rings came from. Apparently he went to Jared

Entertainment:  Wonder Woman's "No Man's Land" scene was the best superhero moment of 2017, surprisingly beating out the moment Justice League's credits started to roll  K-pop singer Kim Jong-hyun dead at 27. Close, God, but you need to double-check your spelling on those smiting orders  Voice of Daphne on "Scooby Doo" is now a g-g-gh-ghost

Politics:  What are you still doing here? It's over man, go home  Silver alert issued in Maryland. Man last seen digging in a Salvation Army dumpster, mumbling something about emails, birth certificate, fake news  Trump Judicial nominee Matthew Petersen withdraws his nomination; plans to spend time at home doing legal research to find out what battery is and if he claim it against Sen. Kennedy for tearing him a new one  Jill Stein joins the #MeToo movement  Let's not start sucking each others' donors quite yet  The FCC may be messing up the internet, but they'll still help you get some posse  Trump to be removed overnight  Trump unhappy no one has thrown parade in his honor for overhauling tax bill. Apparently no one can afford to put one on now  New poll finds most registered voters won't support Trump in 2020, which may not hurt him considering most registered voters didn't support him in 2016  Jill Stein says a 2015 dinner with Vladimir Putin was a "non-event." Almost as much of a non-event as her 2016 presidential campaign

Business:  Disney / Fox merger could cost 5,000-10,000 jobs. Seven Dwarfs complain about being downsized  KFC introduces bucket sized gravy. Be still, my heart  Campbell Soup credit rating downgraded to dishwater

Discussion:  A cry for Yelp  New husband defies society norms, takes his wife's last name  "Please state the nature of the Christmas decorating emergency"
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