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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-03 to Sat 2017-12-09
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HotW 12-03-17 to 12-09-17

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-03 to Sat 2017-12-09:  Back in my day kids read Tiger Beat magazine, played Simon, and watched TVs that were mounted in wooden boxes  John McCain Terminal  And the man in the back said "Everyone attack" and it turned into a strip club blitz  Navajo Nation sues Trump over their right to Bear Ears, the often overlooked addendum to the second amendment  Bottomless buffet results in vomiting and diarrhea. Pants-wearing buffet has no problems  ♫ Rudolph the recused justice, with a conflict had to go. If you asked for a statement, the court would simply just say "no" ♫  Man charged after assaulting another man with a lead pipe. Police are still on the hunt for the correct room  You know what they say. Once you go ethereal, you'll never catch a venereal  Right Wingers freak out as the Deep South is invaded by precious Snow Flakes  3.9624th dismembered meter washes up on British Columbia shore

Sports:  Unlike the Lions, Pontiac Silverdome fails to implode  Supreme Court to decide if everyone is allowed to blow money on the Browns  Look, if your best defense of a play hinges on getting an astrophysicist to come up with some kind of space-time warping explanation, maybe it was just a bad play

Geek:  It's National Cookie Day, which we assume is relevant to you, but you can change your settings at any time  Because it doesn't know the words?  Scientist may have found a way to inject information directly into the brain. It will help you fight Mr. Hand and find Shell Beach

Entertainment:  Porn star August Ames dead at 23, possibly by her own hand  Gass has passed  Tonya Harding attends premiere of "I, Tonya" movie. Well-wishers tell her to break a leg

Politics:  The RNC invokes the Hastert Rule  Arthur Blank arrested in Kiev by masked police officers. Hey man, after last year's superbowl, I'd want to flee the country too  Porno found featuring Roy Moore  He said he was GONNA  When discussing why he was fired from Trump's transition team, Chris Christie gets the last laugh, donut  Trump Jr. 'non-responsive' in interview. Ethics lawyers argue over terminating life support  Apparently a lot of people were, in fact, being farked by their Congressman  Sheriff Joe Arpaio "strongly considering" giving the Democrats another seat in the U.S. Senate  The agony of defetus  Trump will not speak at the opening of the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi, choosing instead to have a smaller, private, classier, whiter ceremony

Business:  While other energy stocks fell today, uranium won  Pop Tarts attempts to have guy arrested for putting mustard on his pop tarts. Well, I don't like poupon my pop tart either, so I get where they're coming from  Mmm, 🍩
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