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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-08-05 to Sat 2018-08-11. B side presidency, a Rick Astley Rick roll, and a market analyst for Anheuser-Busch
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-08-05 to Sat 2018-08-11:  When potatoes get guns, only outlaws will.... wait, that's not it. When outlaws arm potatoes.... ummmm  Man arrested for taunting buffalo. That's just mean, they're obviously in a rebuilding year  It looks like London has finally figured out a solution to their pigeon problem. Unfortunately, they are now going to have to get some snake-eating gorillas  Unexpected consequences of climate change: Nebraska is turning into Florida. For example, Lincoln police are looking for a sword-wielding naked man last seen fleeing into the woods  Du. Du hast. Du hast to escape your retirement home to go to a heavy metal concert  An awful lot of dyslexics are going to be horribly disappointed  ---^---^---^---^---^--- ---^---^---^---^--- ---^---^---^--- ---^---^--- ---^--- ------ ?  Sislajagic shoots at police outside Waffle House. Claims he merely wanted to divert Arthur Dent  You've been arrested by a dishonest cop. Can you win in a rigged system? Hey, I thought Choose Your Own Adventure stories were supposed to be fun

Sports:  The NHL's approach to gambling, such as putting teams in Atlanta  LA Rams are introducing male cheerleaders this season to give people something else to complain about besides players kneeling  Odell Beckham, Jr. interested in throwing away the rest of his career  OW MY BALL

Geek:  Harpoon-castration resistant prostate cancer therapy trials. I just reread this, and that hyphen might be in the wrong place  Bad news: Category 4 hurricane approaching Hawaii. Good news: Homes that could be affected now completely shielded by super strong lava  While not there yet, scienticians are closer to developing inhibitors for type 2 diabeetus and, um, something else  ♬ I said Doctor ♬ Ain't there nothin' I can take? ♬ He said Now let's just get this straight: I put the lime in the coconut ♬ And smash it on your head ♬ You go home with a concussion ♬ And call me in the morning ♬  Telescope near Pune leads to discovery of most distant galaxy, terrible wordplay

Entertainment:  Di$ney $till developing 'Pirate$ of the Caribbean $ix' for $ome $trange rea$on  Is AC/DC recording a new album in Vancouver with Axl Rose? Short answer: Not sure. Long answer: Nooooot Suuuuurrrree  ♫ I'm at your concert and this is crazy, so here's a broadsword, and knight me maybe ♫  Article about a guy who was really popular in the 80s, dresses like a pirate, and makes rock n roll. Difficulty level: not Johnny Depp  Get out of the basement they said. Go outside they said  Rick Astley opening bar in Shoreditch, promises he'll never give booze up, go dry, or not serve you

Politics:  Ooooooooklahoma, where a tax increase is on the way  Celsius 232.7  First adoption's in, then adoption's out. You hang a son out to dry and you shake him all about. Afraid of the pokey so on twitter you will shout. And slowly the truth comes out  Immigrants use anchor-FLOTUS to obtain citizenship  Michael Avenatti is exploring a run for president based on his platform of having mildly inconvenienced Trump that one time  On the one year anniversary of the Both Sides tweet, Trump sends out an All Sides followup. This is truly the B Side Presidency

Business:  The stock market has been swimming in a cold lake for the past 20 years  Craft beer is booming. This is bad news for the US economy, says market analyst for Anheuser-Busch  Illinois Tool announces massive dividend, is still governor

Discussion:  Call it a romance, a rescue mission, or an act of resistance. Subby's going to Kazakhstan to bring back his beautiful sweetie who must never know how much he enjoyed Borat
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No idea which one it was, but there might be a really awful ad on Fark. I think I may have accidentally clicked on an ad and about 8 windows opened up that couldn't be closed including a ransomware audio track & I had to reboot the computer to use Firefox again. I had no tabs open that weren't Fark.
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Rick Astley and the Muppet ensemble singing Always Gonna Be Your Friend
Youtube WirUcWfwONk
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