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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-06-24 to Sat 2018-06-30: Yellow cards matter, Origins of those chocolate coins discovered, and gin vs vodka
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Thanks as always to our awesome submitters and to our TotalFark voters!  We especially loved Sports and Geek this week!   

We love Headline of the Week because it lets us showcase some of our favorite headlines - the ones that rise to top and get noticed for being extra funny, creative, and looking at the article in sideways and unique way.  The headlines that you can share with your other-social-media-using friends -- and say *this* is Fark.  

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-06-24 to Sat 2018-06-30:  Two Mexican dogs in the house | Two Mexican dogs | You don't get them fixed and they do their trick | Eighty-two Mexican dogs in the house  If they're truly real life vampire king and queen, then how could The Sun be there? (possible nsfw content on page)  Research on how mosquitoes drink could yield new efforts to control the spread of disease, tiny bar tabs  Washington's largest psychiatric hospital loses certification, federal dollars, will be forced to change name to Arkham  O-O-O-O-Oklahoma where the something something wind...something...plains  So you've decided to set off fireworks in your trunk  Fervent conspiracy theorists may be the easiest to deradicalize says new study by Illuminati supported baby stealing organ harvesting lizard people who secretly control everything on our beautiful flat Earth  ♪ Our house ♫ In the middle of the street ♬ Our house ♪  A bear on a diet is surely a riot / a dog on a meal plan will get thin by the fall. / Buy a small bowl for the cat if he ever gets fat / but a hedgehog can never get slender at all  DeLand commissioner accused of breaking DeLaw, trafficking DeDrugs  Nude model's photo shoot gazelle culotte baboon smoker squirrel wrench  If a Liberty University math professor travels two hours to have sex with a female under eighteen, how long until Jerry Falwell Jr. removes him from his website? (show your work)

Sports:  Praggnanandhaa becomes 2nd youngest chess grandmaster ever, credits help from Dr. Hfuhruhurr and Mr. Mxyzptlk  Dtrt Rd Wngs rsgn Mrtn Frk  For the second straight time, Germany is defeated in Russia  Zlatan: Sweden miss me and my intimidating presence very badly. Sweden: Ztuff it, Zlatan  Bud Light is offering California free beer if Mexico beats Brazil in World Cup. Analysts suggest this is a brilliant marketing move, as there's no way Mexico can win against that many players  Yellow cards matter

Geek:  Earth's way of telling aliens, 'Don't land here'  New study reveals rapid evolution may have saved the starfish. HIGH FIVE  So-called scientists at Oxford University claim there's no such thing as space aliens. No word how long they've been here or how they infiltrated Oxford in the first place  Archaeologists hunting for prehistoric Stonehenge-like site which disappeared more than 35 years ago, before most Millennials walked the Earth  Astronomers dazzled by a brilliant supernova apparently haven't ever checked the resale value of one  Frank Heart's gateway times out at 89 +++[[[NO CARRIER]]]+++  Origins of those chocolate coins discovered  Biologists evolve single cell yeast into multicellular organism. I hope it likes us

Entertainment:  Wheel. ... Of. ... Snek  ♫Knight fever, knight fever, We know how to do it♫  I have a Bo Burnham New Yorker article for that

Politics:  Devin Nunes demands Rod Rosenstein admit that he's the one spreading the grapefruit meme around the DOJ. *stands up* I'm Rosenstein  Man arrested for throwing a metaphor for Vietnam-era Donald Trump at Red Hen restaurant  Trump/Putin to meet in Helsinki, rather than Stockholm as would have been more appropriate  Wray: "I'm not an Angry Democrat." Rosenstein: "I'm not a Democrat and I'm not angry." Comey: "We are serious and stop calling me Shirley"  Jon Stewart has a message for Trump, though the rest of the Green Lantern Corps remains neutral  Donnie says he's choosing between two women for SCOTUS, will announce which guy he picks on Jul 9

Business:  Finally an easing of burdensome regulations we can all get behind  United Airlines installs TVs in all of their food prep facilities specifically to broadcast blaring 24x7 anti-union messages. And really, $11 an hour is pretty good after 30 years at work so they have a great point  The company that sends you tickets in the mail and hounds to you the ends of the earth over a misread license plate is about to trade on NASDAQ. Activist investors, man your battle stations

Discussion:  Is gin actually just flavored vodka? Is vodka really a subset of gin? Is gin really made of Christmas trees? Can vodka actually make me dance better?  Trump declared a trade war with Equestria and demanded all ponies be arrested as they cross the border. Are you sure I made this up? It's My Little Pony the Hiatus, week three, cartoons Saturday on Discovery Family 11:30am ET  Five best adventure movies of the '80s. Otherwise known as four goofy movies and "Aliens"
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