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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-03-04 to Sat 2018-03-10
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HotW 3/4/18 through 3/10/18

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-03-04 to Sat 2018-03-10:  There once was a man near Nantucket, thought he'd fend off the waves with a bucket. Each scoop of the sea quickly became three so he threw up his hands and said  Woman dumps popcorn on talking 2-year-old during movie. She then throws popcorn box at child. She and her hubby are then arrested for a salt and buttery  County charges female prisoners for hygiene products; attorney sees red, says it's a civil rights violation to staunch the free flow of tampons and county must absorb the cost, no strings attached. Period  Woman blows conch, then fiancee  Man shot in face expected to survive, as long as he stays away from that friend with the woodchipper  Thousands of highchairs recalled due to risk of suddenly becoming low chairs  U.shiats North Korea with sanctions over its assassination using VX nerve agent. That should do the trick  After years of effort, scientists finally catch two red foxes. Multiple Lamonts said to be frantic  Semper Fat  ♪ ♫ You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel ♫ ♪

Sports:  Lewandowski flips to Mueller for the win. Not those two  Gun control finally reaches the NFL  Goat loses his hair

Geek:  My God, it's full of pepperoni  Can humans survive on water vapor alone? Maybe, but if Luke doesn't have those units in the South Ridge repaired by midday, there'll be hell to pay  IHOP announces breakfast-themed PancakeWear clothing line, suggests you wear them syruptitiously

Entertainment:  Head of the Fyre Festival pleads guilty to wyre fraud  Tori Spelling in her dwelling late last week she was heard yelling, cops were called but there's no quelling and even though her tears were welling, no one's buying what she's selling. There's no telling Tori Spelling as she could end up Tori Felon  Christian conservative warns that God could destroy America because of Grinding Nemo

Politics:  Stormy Daniels sues Trump because he didn't finish  Oxymoron headline of the day: Abstinence-only education making a comeback under Trump  Pentagon to Trump on his Veterans Day military parade: Thanks, but no tanks

Business:  Google decides to give Zagat a tiger uppercut  Volkswagen squashes the Bug, again  Skinny jeans sold at Target recalled due to laceration hazard. If you're getting cut wearing pair of skinny jeans, perhaps you should be looking more in the "relaxed fit" section
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