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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-02-25 to Sat 2018-03-03
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HotW 2/25/18 through 3/3/18

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-02-25 to Sat 2018-03-03:  "How I joined the jihadis by mistake." He must have taken a wrong turn at Al-Buquerque  Red Cross staffers fired over relief efforts  "One in a million" yellow cardinal spotted in Alabama. Pope Francis reportedly unhappy with the deviation from standard vestments  Court rules employer can't discriminate against gay skydiving instructor, says how he packs his chute is nobody's business but his  Muskrat swims up to law firm window during flooding, checks out disgusting vermin inside  In mid-March the price of toilet paper in Taiwan will skyrocket. Area supermarkets bracing for serious runs  Supreme Court rules that illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S. indefinitely  PNG suffers strongest earthquake ever, now very lossy  Washington man accused of three dog night. Just an old fashioned love song, coming down in three scared Pekingese  Ancient Indian Burial Ground discovered off coast of Florida, which explains a lot

Sports:  IOC hacked into readmitting Russia, avoiding 'roid rage  Horizon boys basketball holds off Sandra Day O'Connor, 83-70 to win sixth straight. The 87 year old retired Supreme Court Justice says she just didn't play well and is on to her next opponent  Tigers' Wood tears ACL. I guess his golfing season is over then

Geek:  Stones provide their hidden moisture to trees during times of drought. They rock  Icelandic thieves steal 600 Bitcoin mining computers, estimated value $2 million... $50 million... $2 billion... $323 million... $10 thousand  So, does this mean "History of the World Part II" is back on?

Entertainment:  It's about time the Oscars expanded into new categories  Mama June Monroe stars in The Seven Year Ick  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will invite "ordinary people" to the wedding. So it seems Judd Hirsch and Donald Sutherland will be attending, though the absence of Mary Tyler Moore will still resonate

Politics:  Senate hopes to kick DA CAn down the road a few years  People are confusing the National Restaurant Association with the National Rifle Association. Isn't it time we talked about portion control?  Yeah Texas? Texas ... jest ain't right: "Donations of deer semen make up majority of contributions in Texas candidate's race." Clearly it's time to get big bucks out of politics

Business:  Amazon made $5.6 billion in profits last year. Guess how much in income tax they had to pay on that. Hint: Rhymes with tag  Comcast wants to buy Sky, which is all that's left after Ted Turner bought all the land and Nestle bought all the water  Car2Go2Sell2Daimler
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