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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-01-21 to Sat 2018-01-27
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HotW 1/21/18-1/27/18

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-01-21 to Sat 2018-01-27:  Resident finds ultimate stocking stuffer in back yard  Abby someone  Donald Trump will no doubt be pleased to hear his name is the world's most popular safeword, narrowly winning over "red" and, of course, "FLÜGGÅƎNKƋEČHIŒBØLSȆN"  Hillary is up to her old tricks again  Turns out, teenagers in ancient Greece were just as surly and moody as today's teens. They also spent just as much time staring at their tablets, too  Duckworth set to be first Senator to have a baby in office. Unclear why she refuses to do it at a hospital  Police searching for violent machete attacker, so if you see a peaceful machete attacker, it's the wrong guy  Second woman's body found at Arbuckle property. Odie humanity  Cliven Bundy sues Nevada and Clark County because "I wash born here, an I wash raished here, and dad gum it, I am gonna die here, an no sidewindin' bushwackin', hornswagglin' cracker croaker is gonna rouin me bishen cutter"  ♪ One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster /The bars are temples but their pearls ain't free / You'll find a ♪ *GLUB GLUB GLUB*

Sports:  Clevelan_ Br__ns __rking t_ hire T___ Haley as _ffensive c__r_inat_r, have an_ther Perfect Seas_n Para_e  ESPN hopes A-Rod can juice up Sunday Night Baseball this year  Yankees Trenton Class-AA affiliate to change their name to honor former NJ governor Chris Christie

Geek:  Surgeon creates artificial vagina from pig intestine. Won't somebody please think of the chitlins?  Python kills man. This is why I prefer bash  The theory being, if you axolotl questions you'll getolotl answers

Entertainment:  Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins SAG Award in her pajamas. How the SAG Award got into her pajamas no one knows  Casey Affleck pulls out of best actress  Lynyrd Skynyrd annyncy fyrywyll tyyr

Politics:  In what I'm sure is just a wild coincidence, $130k was transferred from the Trump campaign to the Trump Org in the month after the election. $130k? Hey, Ginger, does $130k mean anything to you? "I'm sorry subby, but I'm not that kind of girl"  Trump "looks forward" to committing perjury  Clinton kept adviser on 2008 campaign despite sexual harassment allegation. Well, what did you expect her to do, divorce him?

Business:  I'm a defective tea cup, bent up lip. Bought at Tim Horton's, want a sip? Whoops, spilled all over, now you sue. $75,000? I think that'll do  Apple adds temporal messaging feature to iMessage  Dry cleaning chain declares bankruptcy; finally folds under pressure
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