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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-24 to Sat 2017-12-30
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HotW 12-24-17 through 12-30-17

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-12-24 to Sat 2017-12-30:  Japanese banana has edible skin; bunches of people split as to whether that's appealing  Toronto thief steals the veal. When caught, he'll be jailed here all week  ♬ We been sliding down these roads of ice, skiing in an Amish paradise. I fell down not once but twice, skiing in an Amish paradise. It's hard work for our horse named Brice, skiing in an Amish paradise. ♬  Nigerian Air Force agrees to buy $600M in fighter planes from America. Transaction will be finalized as soon as the U.S. sends them $50M to cover attorney's fees and taxes  Sue chef  Gunman robs local Family Dollar in under 10 seconds. Well honestly, how much time would you actually need?  Providence man popped over pile of pot by police who proceed to pinch his pick-up for possible proceedings  The President of the United States was just corrected on global warming by a member of Jersey Shore and shiat like that  A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless you lose custody through divorce, and you give up, your horse, by force, to the former spouse you wed  Lawyer saves two boys who fell though thin ice. He had to act quickly and lost a few billable hours

Sports:  Good to know the NFL is finally getting catch calls right... hang on, this just in, the Patriots benefit from strict adherence to the rules yet again  Scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, hardwood beats gridiron  The love child of Ben Roethlisberger and Rudy threw up one last performance that screamed "Don't draft me Cleveland"

Geek:  Do you know what the worms are doing to our soil? I know it's the worms. They're in it with the Earthlings. They're building farming plots for hermaphroditic annelid Earthlings. I swear to Marvin  Seagate once again gives porn collectors a reason to rejoice  Women are instinctively attracted to loud-mouthed mansplainers say evolutionary theorists. My wife says keep it up and I'll earn a Darwin Award

Entertainment:  Rambo accused of rape, making "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot"  The thirty-five best television episodes of 2017. I'M PICKLE RICK, BIATCH  Roses are red, violets are blue, I think the Alien franchise should die and so should you

Politics:  Orrin Hatch didn't read TFA either  Barack Obama gets serenaded by Christmas carolers in Hawaii. All this guy does is go on vacation. Sad  Mueller is now questioning ЯNC officials

Business:  Kroger to *BEEP an attendant has been notified to assist you* eliminate checkout *BEEP an attendant has been notified to assist you* lanes  Aston Martin recalls 5,000 cars after finding problems with rocket launcher and ejector seat  Antivirus founder John McAfee says his Twitter account was hacked. If only he had access to someone who knows something about computer security
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