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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-02-11 to Sat 2018-02-17
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2018-02-11 to Sat 2018-02-17:  Aetna: Eeny-meeny-miny-mo, who gets coverage? We don't know  Oroville crisis drives harder look at US dams, shows starring Seth MacFarlane  NOCD gets $1M to help people with OCD. Yes, $1M. *checks again*, $1M  In the age-old battle between machete-wielding Florida Man and the police, there can be only one outcome  The Han Solo movie is polarizing Star Wars fans, who up until now had been a peaceful group of entirely like-minded and rational individuals who'd never before demonstrated a tendency to go apeshiat over inconsequential minutiae  Iranian authorities dispute claims that suicide of academic in Tehran prison was 'mysterious,' claim it's perfectly normal for prisoners to sometimes fall down elevator shafts onto bullets  Man gets 15 years for bartending  Huawei? Stay away  For all our Fark epicures, we have new Golden Girls Hot Sauces, including Bea Spicy and Hot Slut. So hot, you're guaranteed not to Blanche  Arkansas Hog Farm Fire is the name of my Reverend Horton Heat cover band  Man unlawfully takes father's dead body from French Canadian hospital for proper burial, weekend at béarnaise

Sports:  Because they're hoping there's chocolate inside?  Atlanta Hawks DeAndre' Bembry arrested for driving 128 mph, is now averaging 4.8 points a game and 12 points on his license  Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza arrested for throwing more than an eight ball  Well, it's a good thing nobody's offered  Aaron Rodgers has been sporting both of his beards lately

Geek:  B-52s may outlive snazzier and younger bombers, rock lobsters  Shakes rattle atolls (possible nsfw content on page)  Scientists have imaged a rotating torus of gas and dust surrounding an active galactic nucleus. Many Bothans died preventing an obvious and immature joke from appearing in this headline  The internal combustion engine doesn't want to get on the cart  Because why should Apple employees know how to use Windows

Entertainment:  So Long Dere  Well, that's just like your opinion, Han  Disgraced rockers Hedley miraculously find solution to sexual misconduct scandal  Jennifer Aniston is Theroux with her marriage  Harassment claims make the need for casting changes transparent

Politics:  Theresa May to 'put meat on the bones' of her vision for Brexit. Then boil it until all flavor is gone and serve with more brussels than anyone wants  England's Obamacare is Trumping  If Michael Goodwin carried any more water for Trump, he'd have to register as a city utility  Former president of Georgia arrested in Ukraine by Israeli agents and deported to Poland by a Turkish judge using a Vietnamese translator, by way of a French airplane, with a Dutch pilot and Moroccan crew. Belgium  Trump wants to sue everyone. Included photo is a bit of a stretch. The most interesting part of the photo is that he's wearing a wedding ring  DOnald Trump hAs supeR weirD capitaLizatIon hAbits on twitteR  Former CIA agent warns that Trump is giving the green light to Putin, particularly Caturday threads  Why are Alabama politicians so corrupt? Because they're so fable  Ted Cruz: It's much too soon to try to politicize this horrible tragedy that the Obama Administration failed to prevent  According to Trump, there were many signs that the latest school shooter was mentally disturbed, such as his erratic behavior and his barely literate violent threats on social media, and people like that should be reported before they do any harm  Obama's Deep State must have gotten hungry, because now they're going after Pai  Mnuchin calls on Comngress to look imnto gumn violemnce

Business:  Bezos tires of propping up UPS and FedEx  Wells Fargo expecting to boost consumer loan bondage under stricter Fed discipline  "Goldilocks fights back but bears still swinging." Perhaps Fark *is* your personal erotica site after all  Amazon plans hundreds of lay-offs. No word on whether it will take place overnight, in two days, or possibly longer

Discussion:  What's the origin of the word "etymology"?
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2018-02-28 05:38:09 PM  
Oh wait, now I finally remembered why Amazon would want its own delivery service. It's a direct result of the current combined services:

FedEx + UPS = FedUp
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