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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-09-17 to Sat 2017-09-23. Just like healthcare.gov, Headline of the Week will need to be down for a little maintenance. For 12 hours, once a week, every week. Like any web site
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Here are your top-voted Headlines of the Week!  Thanks to TotalFarkers for voting and thanks as always to our fantastic submitters.  Fark loves all kinds of headlines, but to be truly Fark-worthy and Headline of the Week, we're looking for funny, creative, and unique twists.  Something you can tell your friends, family, co-workers, that 'hey, this is the story and this headline is what makes it Fark'.

Top-voted funny headlines make it to Headline of the Week, but we always have more each week that make us laugh or have a take on the story that is awesome and unique but don't always get the votes - News: Maria destroys Caribbean islands, strips them of vegetation. CNN: "US mainland not out of the woods yet" is one of the best this week that stands out.  So read on for the top-voted Headlines of the Week, and head over to the NotNewsletter for highlights of some extra headlines that deserve recognition.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-09-17 to Sat 2017-09-23:

img.fark.net  Man dies in fake haunted house. On the bright side, it should be legitimately haunted now

img.fark.net  Donald Trump says he thinks it's gonna be a long, long time til touch down brings Kim Jong Un around to find he's not the man they think he is at home, oh no

img.fark.net  Now I know why; they're faster than I. I guess we'll die

img.fark.net  Burglar jerks off after breaking in. In burglar circles this is known as a whack job

img.fark.net  Couple driving through northern Maine forced to stop in middle of road. (Lynx go nowhere)

img.fark.net  Come here, Maria. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty

img.fark.net  Guy who climbed mountain only in his underwear develops hypothermia - which is French for "don't climb a farkin' mountain only in your underwear"

img.fark.net  Mars research crew emerges after eight months in isolation; reads news, asks to be returned to isolation

img.fark.net  Guy smuggling balloons full of meth into prison by swallowing them doesn't succeed, tries again

img.fark.net  4-year-old boy not seriously hurt after being ejected from a car. He was soon heard saying "do it again"

img.fark.net  Equifax hangs up the "Gone Phishing" sign

img.fark.net  Activists want a large ocean garbage patch to be named as a new country. Others say it's unnecessary to make a statement about trashy land masses because we already have New Jersey

img.fark.net  SEC hacked. Big Ten and ACC unavailable for comment

img.fark.net  "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We'll be cruising at an altitude of five thousand feet, dropping bits of our exploding engine all over people's yards, and then landing again in short order"

img.fark.net  Lake Placid student brings loaded gun and knife to school. Placid, my ass

img.fark.net  And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house. And you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself, why is that strange woman rifling through my refrigerator while wearing my wife's clothes?

img.fark.net  7UP should not be the number of days you are awake after drinking it

img.fark.net  Court bans police from deploying stingrays without a warrant. CRIKEY

img.fark.net  Lost Rubens found after 400 years, though I'm pretty sure 400-year-old sandwiches aren't good anymore


img.fark.net  Marshawn Lynch's sideline dancing "demoralized" Jets. As if the fact that they play for the Jets wasn't demoralizing enough already

img.fark.net  The Ohio State University & Oklahoma State University come to agreement over trademark for "OSU". Oregon State University, you're on your on

img.fark.net  Squirrel Touchdown


img.fark.net  It's a good start, but if they can get it to stop Tweeting at 3 in the morning, then they'll really be onto something

img.fark.net  Cat like typing detected

img.fark.net  Very interesting scientific explanation. Link to the right. Discussion to the left


img.fark.net  Yoko sues company over John Lemon lemonade. I hope nobody cares about my new coffee shop, Ringo Starbucks

img.fark.net  Clerks star died after taking 37 painkillers. In a row?

img.fark.net  The folks at IO9 are trying to settle an unsettleable argument: which Batman is the best Batman? Somehow, subby's vote for George Clooney keeps getting soundly ridiculed


img.fark.net  It's as if thirty-million Americans suddenly cried out in panic and then coughed themselves to death. Christ, I'm surrounded by assholes. I also may have mixed my movie quotes

img.fark.net  Whoa. RussiaGate just got real. Like Morgan-Freeman-narrates-it real

img.fark.net  UN Ambassador Samantha Power went on such an unmasking spree during the Obama administration that the Scooby Doo gang even told her to chill out

img.fark.net  There is an old Vulcan proverb: Only Bannon could go to China

img.fark.net  Fox News complains Jimmy Kimmel isn't qualified to talk about politics. Would prefer to talk to experts like Gene Simmons, Chick Norris, Tim Allen and Ted Nugent

img.fark.net  The Trump presidency in news cycles. Take a look at the Mueller news cycle and notice all the insanity of Trump filling in those dips in Mueller coverage. Almost like we have Trump's distraction plan in graph form

img.fark.net  "The priapism is not tit cockmedians are asspiring to wad into crotch pubely. The pubis is tit our polidicks have becum so slutty and sexualizing that condoms can't do their climax penisly without humping about sex"

img.fark.net  Hillary Clinton just sold more copies of her book in one week than Trump has sold in two years. Then again, why would Trump sell copies of Hillary's book?

img.fark.net  McCain: Oh f*ck no, Lindsey. Just no

img.fark.net  The healthcare.gov web site will need to be down for a little maintenance. For 12 hours, once a week, every week. Like any web site


img.fark.net  California: we're gonna restore Obama-era privacy protections the FCC recently took away. Google, Facebook: whoa whoa WHOA there, we've got a business model to protect

img.fark.net  Australia threatens to make Takata airbag recall compulsory, noting that nation is already full of things jonesing to kill you, and that defective airbags need not be one of those things

img.fark.net  Domino's Pizza stock has gone from $14 a share in 2010 to its present $197. That should put to rest any arguments that the economy wouldn't be helped by legalizing pot


img.fark.net  Guy finds unopened WWII C-ration container, produced in 1942, opens it, eats the contents, and doesn't immediately die

img.fark.net  Caning makes a comeback. Oh, 'canning'. Nevermind

img.fark.net  He can split an infinitive with his steely gaze. He writes limericks . . . in haiku. His Oxford Comma is revered by Cambridge. He is the most interesting writer on Fark, and this is the weekly writer's thread

img.fark.net  ♫One day Zecora came down with swamp fever - Fluttershy swore she'd be the one to save her - no cure exists and the zebra is not immune - but they wouldn't kill off a character on a kid's cartoon♫ My Little Pony Saturday Discovery Family 11:30 am EST
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2017-09-25 11:00:54 AM  
Voting works!

I'll have to remember that in 2020.
2017-09-25 11:17:18 AM  
who the hell votes for discussion tab headlines?
2017-09-25 12:01:55 PM  
Just like healthcare.gov, Headline of the Week will need to be down for a little maintenance. For 12 hours, once a week, every week.

Maybe you'll find the missing HOTW from Aug.13 to Aug. 19.

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