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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-07-23 to Sat 2017-07-29
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-07-23 to Sat 2017-07-29:  Two women caught at airport trying to smuggle 4kg of gold in their underwear. Au my  Baby killer whale dies. Babies everywhere breathe sighs of relief  Instead of potato chips, package contained king cobra. Would not buy again  Tucson brewery is going to create a beer made with recycled sewage. No word on a name yet; submitter thinks they should call it Number Tucson  Rest easy, citizens. That growing patch of green on a drought-seared hillside is the result of a natural spring. The fact that the hillside in question is the downstream face of the Oroville Dam is purely a coincidence  Well, in Washington they say - that the McCain's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of healthcare came through, and the McCain found the strength of *ten* McCains, plus two  Giant lizard found living in family's attic. Wildlife expert to monitor the situation  How many North Koreans does it take to launch a new missile? A: two. One to launch it, and one to watch Japanese news to see where it crashed into the ocean  Trump expresses full confidence in Reince Priebus  Founder of RT skipped meeting with DoJ to whack himself off in his hotel room

Sports:  Rickey is still Rickey, even when Rickey is two Rickeys  Tell me if you have heard this one before: Dallas Cowboy suspended today for substance abuse  World leader in strange and weird sports is Ja-- WRONG ANSWER, it's Finland. "The scores were generally low. Many of the players were drunk" (Some Not safe for work images)

Geek:  Can ichahol imrpve mamery? Not bashed on nubmer a greenlit repeest  300 Jedi with lightsabers vs. 60,000 medieval soldiers with swords and shields, who ya got?  We are stardust, we are golden. We are billion-year-old carbon. Really

Entertainment:  Rocky The Flying Squirrel has flown  Val Kilmer: Hey guys, remember when I was Batman?  Bryan Fuller details his "Star Trek: Discovery" exit for first time. Turns out the uniforms aren't his fault

Politics:  Donald Trump telegraphs his impending firing of Jeff Sessions like a coworker feigning a cough to set up a sick day  Schrodinger's Repeal found to be simultaneously too evil and not evil enough by Senate  This is Anthony Scaramucci. This is Anthony Scaramucci on cocaine. Any questions?

Business:  San Franciscans have been making avocado toast for more than 130 years, and they can afford to buy houses  Chipotle CEO: "We believe someone was working while sick." So, follow-up question: Do you offer paid sick time?  The true story of how Manhattan became part of the U.S. - it's spicier than you thought

Discussion:  What's the craziest conspiracy theory that someone you personally know actually believes? Difficulty: No lizard men  Nine plagues that could wipe out human life and other life on earth with little notice. But, hey, the nightmare of Trump would be over  Can you guess what these homes used to be?
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