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How to define a kilogram, what Trumpy and Pooty-poot were up to, and just how much TP does one need for a single meal of Ramen noodles? These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-07-02 to Sat 2017-07-08
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And we're back with another edition of Fark's Headlines of the Week, where we bring you the best headlines found in last week's crop of weird and unusual news. As always, a reminder that these headlines are brought to you by YOUR votes, so click on the thumbs-up button in the comments header when you see one you like, and you may see it here next week.

These are YOUR headlines of the week:

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-07-02 to Sat 2017-07-08:  TNT fireworks recalled for exploding  You're only letting the terriers win  Ejaculating 21 times a month could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, claims whacked out study  Turkey removes evolution from curriculum, asks to be renamed "Ostrich"  Morose Muslim man morbidly murdered marking militant mastermind's malevolent machinations  Speed Limit 20 MPH when children are present. Or when light is flashing. Or on the second Tuesday of the month. Or on the Vernal Equinox. Or when the category 'Famous Last Words' is chosen on Jeopardy. Or on-- *police sirens*  Fire evacuates south Orlando Travelodge. No word on what scared it so badly  Thousands clash with police in Hamburg in G20 protest. Mayor McCheese urges restraint. Link goes to live video  Fisherman arrested after his wife's body washes ashore tied to an anchor. Perhaps he should have taken an anchor management class beforehand  Dude arrested for having, like, a bazillion snakes and alligators at his Thousand Oaks home. He thought it was OK because he lived in a gatored community  Trump/Putin meet lasts over 2 hours. In other news, Trump is now pregnant  Dam you, Friendship Lake, Dam you

Sports:  Dak Prescott is an NFL machine  Tennis pro Daniil Medvedev throws coins at the chair umpire following Wimbledon loss. Apparently he threw pennies, nickels and dimes but wasn't able to make it to the quarters  Manny Pacquiao's trainer tells him he needs to make up his mind and be either a senator or a boxer. Pacquiao points to California, sees Senator Boxer, says it can be done

Geek:  Early Farker discovered among remains of Pompeii victims  Scientists redefine the kilo by making it walk the Planck  Nanoscale motion sends light into overdrive, according to noted researchers Bachman and Turner

Entertainment:  That'll do, pigs. That'll do  Normally, you wouldn't think that one of the most emotionally devastating scenes from Game of Thrones would make for a good fast food commercial, but...Lunchtime is Coming  Race factored into Tupac and Madonna breaking up. Running the 200m sprint in heels must be tough

Politics:  GOP reduced to asking the winner of the 2016 presidential election for help  Moran gets a brain  Russians notice something a bit different about Trump at high level diplomatic meeting today

Business:  Ramen chain equips each bog with 6-20 fully loaded toilet paper holders in anticipation that your delicious bowl of spicy ramen will start a great movement  Worldwide wool prices are unraveling. That's not just some yarn the sheep farmers are spinning  Global air freight demand soars, nearing multi-year highs. Well yeah. Your stuff is in planes. Those things are really up there
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