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Bastille Day celebrations in France, editorial decisions on pictorials, and what Samsung's planning on doing with the Note 7's that didn't explode. These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-06-25 to Sat 2017-07-01
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Hey folks, welcome back to another edition of Fark's Headline of the Week, where we bring you some of the funniest, weirdest, and silliest headlines we've ran in the past week. We have some great ones this week, with a few getting a good bit more voting than we've seen in a while. Speaking of voting, that's what decides what makes this list, so be sure and hit the thumbs-up button in the comments header when you see one you like.

To the headlines!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-06-25 to Sat 2017-07-01:  Man arrested after removing 500 roadside advertisements. Police went to his home, say all the signs were there  Jury selection in the Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli trial off to a slow start, as jurors say he is "an evil man" and "kind of looks like a dick"  Tucker Fire threatens I-95. See, that's what happens when you spin a bow tie too fast  No charges filed in shooting death of Casper man. Well, he's a friendly ghost now  The Turtle sees his shadow, portending several more weeks of Trumpcare uncertainty  The last subway derailment this serious was the end of the Jared Fogle ad campaign  Bears in central Pennsylvania suffering from mange, so be careful on Grindr  Samsung to sell refurbished Note 7s with a new name, the "Fandom Edition." Subby would have gone with the "Phoenix"  Man charged with breaking all ten commandments in a single act  Monk seal gives birth on Hawaiian resort beach. So much for those vows of celibacy and poverty  Fidget spinners now bursting into flame. Still cheaper than getting a Ritalin prescription  To discern what fruit was ripe now for plucking? / Or if a fight wasn't worth getting stuck in? / Science has solved / That our color sense evolved / To tell if her blush meant she's ready for... something

Sports:  20 years ago today, Mike Tyson asks Evander Holyfield to lend him an ear  SAFE  Evidence of Vogter suppression found in Cincinnati

Geek:  The technologies that power and cool the Parker Solar Probe are considered revolutionary. BONUS: they even work at night  Who's peeking down from under the satellite, looking at traces found in the air, who's looking at mysterious airglow, everyone knows it's WINDII  Would you believe, we'll see Japan on the moon, Japan on the moon?

Entertainment:  Please let it be Skanky McBowwow  Amazon is going full Tick. SPOOOOOOOOOON  Deciding how erect Playgirl centerfolds should be was hard on the staff

Politics:  France gets a head of Trump by inviting him to Bastille day  Ryan Shrugged  Does the White House blackmail people using the OG Fake News? Enquiring minds want to know

Business:  Hertz explores new self-driving partnerships, according to youngest son Dick  American confidence in newspapers is low but starting to rise. Mostly from the nostalgia with people who remember newspapers as where TV stations get their news  While everyone else was building self-driving cars, Toyota has designed a robot that helps disabled people around the house, a Toyota Care-ola, if you will
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