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Innovative sous vide, trolling Ivanka, and roaming charrges. These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-05-14 to Sat 2017-05-20
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We're back with another edition of Fark's Headlines of the Week, where we bring you the funniest headlines that were run over the course of the week. Remember that some are what we call "context headlines". where you won't get the joke until you see the story.

As always, these headlines are chosen by YOUR votes, so be sure and click the thumbs up button in the thread header when you see a headline you like, and you just might see it here this week.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-05-14 to Sat 2017-05-20:  17 shot dead in PNG prison breakout. JPG prison is far more secure  Yours is the nicest bedding I've ever come across  DC Union Station video screens publicly streamed PornHub, which lasted for three minutes. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID  Man gropes woman in Chantilly area. That's getting kind of personal  This sous vide sh*t is getting out of hand  Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? Mueller? Oh, there you are. Great, the investigation can get started then  Finally, a McCarthy makes a meaningful Russia accusation  A photographer waited in a river every night for four years to get that perfect beaver shot. Apparently nobody ever told him about the internet  Mannequin causes man to flee hotel and hurt himself which means lawsuit, of course. Stupid dummy  Striking a blow for sanity, Italy makes childhood vaccinations compulsory. Mass outbreak of incredible arithmetic and excellent driving expected  Police arrest man for running over a flock of seagulls. Even though he ran so far away, he couldn't get away

Sports:  Ryon Healy's upper-deck homer smashed a fan's phone, and the A's offered to replace it. That baseball racked up some serious roaming charges  Mark Cuban admits the Mavs played the end of the season the same way as the beginning and middle  "Do pens injuries give Ottawa the advantage?" Place an additional "i" to complete the code

Geek:  New study says Americans waste 40% of all available food. Which could be good news, because Americans don't need to eat another 40%  California's endangered salmon problem is going away  Teens don't know enough about love, sex or misogyny. They also don't know that much about history, biology, a science book or the French I took

Entertainment:  Well... bye  Long Island needs Amy Fisher back like a hole in the head  Medical Examiners confirm that Chris Cornell was just hanging around before he died

Politics:  Negotiations under way to replace Sean Spicer for someone younger with something to grab  Somebody trolled Ivanka's book display  I d-did try and *pop-crackle* farkkk her. She was *sparks* mah-mah-married. Gr-Grab 'em bybyby the pussy. You *sparks* can do anything. *catches fire*

Business:  Large vehicle recall order due to Dodge Ram jam. Black Betty bam-a-lammed  Chanel's idea to sell $2,000 boomerangs is coming back to haunt them  European car plants now halted by ransomware attack. Renault plant reports delays in getting vehicles delivered to the three people who have orders
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