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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-04-23 to Sat 2017-04-29
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Welcome back for another edition of Fark\s Headlines of the Week, where we bring you the most flamboyant, chuckly, weird, or the ones that just made us laugh. Remember, these headlines come from YOUR voting, so be sure and click that thumbs-up button in the top of the comment header when you see something you like.

To the headlines!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-04-23 to Sat 2017-04-29:  United beats you up. American hits you with strollers. Delta violates the Geneva Convention  North Korea threatens to nuke Australia. Australia threatens to mail them a box of local wildlife  Barbie's got a bun in the oven. Ken demands paternity test. fb- quietly skulks away  Wild boars overrun Islamic State position, kill 3 militants. That'll do pigs, that'll do  North Korea media issues a threat to "wipe out" the United States. Wall Street bankers: We tried that back in 2007 and it's harder than it looks  IRS raids offices of Benny Hinn Ministries. No word if he tried to escape by flailing his jacket or patting the head of short, bald old man  The safest seat on a plane according to crash data, Asian doctors  Cat called hero after alerting North Carolina family about carbon monoxide, apparently didn't want competition in suffocating family in their sleep  Turkey blocks Wikipedia; anyone found trying to access it will receive a citation  Burglars use Grindr in attempt to get ATM  Seventh grader sends letter to local newspaper replying to citizen angry about their "Hate Has No Home Here" sign. Fire department tends to the ensuing burn

Sports:  I told you I wasn't going to slide  50 years ago today, Muhammad Ali refuses Army induction, wins by TKO  Danica Patrick unveils Wonder Woman themed car, plans to spin out to change it back to a Diana Prince car

Geek:  Professional gaming set to pass baseball and basketball in popularity. New PED testing to check for Mountain Dew and M&Ms  Plastic bag-eating worms may be the key to fighting pollution. Beverly Hills goes on high alert  Google overhauls search algorithm to punish websites that promote extreme views, fake news and conspiracy theories. In other words, you will just get a blank page when you type in "Breitbart"

Entertainment:  New ant species named after Radiohead because all dung beetle species have been cataloged  You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have bone cancer  DMX checks into rehab to sober up in here, up in here

Politics:  Diehard O'Reilly fans boycotting Fox for firing O'Reilly. They would run out and protest but most of them aren't allowed out of the care home  House GOP swears that an Obamacare repeal deal is "near". Whoa, hey guys, no need to be racist  Candidates being sought to stump for Pirate Party

Business:  Sears continues to cut costs. services at Kmart while last remaining customers are searching for the light switch to the few remaining stores  Welcome to McDonalds. This is Grand Moff Tarkin. Would you like to try our new all-day breakfast menu?  Blockbuster Video is hanging on in Alaska, because streaming isn't much of a threat in a place where the internet is delivered by twice-weekly dogsled

Discussion:  Goth girl becomes Barbie. There's no Cure for that
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