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Tasmanian Devil populations, Not OK Foods, and skeptical violets. These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-03-19 to Sat 2017-03-25
Posted by ox45tallboy at 2017-03-27 11:52:20 AM (3 comments) | Permalink
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Welcome back to another edition edition of Fark's Headlines of the Week, where we bring you the top headlines of the past 7 days. These headlines are selected based on your votes, so as always, hit that thumbs-up button in the thread header when you see something you like and you might see it here next week.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-03-19 to Sat 2017-03-25:  Spring officially arrives tomorrow at exactly 6:28 AM EDT. Set your allergies ahead one hour  American diplomat ejected from Middle-earth after brawling over the Arkenstone  Trace of Earth's original 4.3 billion-year-old crust found on surface. Pizza boxes still unaccounted for  Labrador retrievers are again #1 in America's most popular dog breeds, narrowly beating out German shepherds, golden retrievers and meth labs  15-year-old drops acid, three stories  "Well, they are called MISSiles not HITTiles, amirite, Dear Leader?"  Rising polonium prices and a stagnant economy force Russians to use gravity poisoning to save rubles  "There is activity at your front door. It appears to be the apocalypse"  High school anatomy teacher arrested for fulfilling job requirements  The most adorable pics of a toddler getting his first ride in a big rig that you'll see all year  Grabher by the licence plate  Hey, it looks like you're designing a skyscraper. Would you like help?

Sports:  UHIA  Jets defeat Sharks to claim World Baseball Classic championship, advance to show-choir regionals  For the 2017 season, Tony Romo will go to (a) the Denver Broncos, (b) the Houston Texans, or (c)BS

Geek:  How to use a smartphone to analyze sperm count and assure nobody will ever borrow your phone again  Tasmanian devil populations, decimated by a contagious cancer for decades, are finally showing signs of fighting back. Still no cure for "BBTH WHUFF ATHWICK GNARP THP"  International Cloud Atlas recognizes twelve new types of cloud. Cirrusly

Entertainment:  Sesame Street to introduce a character who got vaccinated  Roses are red / violets are skeptical  Robert Downey Jr. is tapped as the new Doctor

Politics:  Trump's budget has lost the support of the governors of Maine and Kentucky. When Twinky and the Stain think you're a society-burning rage-monster, you might want to reconsider your life choices  Russian-backed despot issues terroristic demand to U.S. government  Dear Mister Trump, please excuse Boris from work, indefinitely. -Epshteyn's mother

Business:  Company that converts disposable diapers into fuel says they will no longer get a bum wrap  Cubs World Series win cost Chicago $18.8 million in overtime. Which isn't a big deal considering it breaks down to an amortization rate of only $174,000 when spread over 108 years  OK Foods recalls 1,000,000 pounds of chicken headed for school cafeterias to avoid costly rebranding to "Not OK Foods"
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3 Comments     (+0 »)
2017-03-27 01:15:51 PM  
Don't curr.
2017-03-27 01:27:05 PM  
2017-03-28 12:58:26 PM  
WOW, that's a pretty great week, Subses.

/ Clippy FTW
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