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Vista support, Obama's tapping, and grammar Nazi judges. These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-03-12 to Sat 2017-03-18
Posted by ox45tallboy at 2017-03-21 12:39:33 PM (5 comments) | Permalink
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Hello and welcome back to another edition of Fark's Headlines of the Week, where we bring you the funniest, craziest, or just plain weirdest headlines from the previous week. This week, we had a number of heavily voted threads, and you can see them all right here. As always, remember that it's your votes that make these happen, so if you see a headline you like, hit that thumbs-up button.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-03-12 to Sat 2017-03-18:  White Evangelicals believe they are more persecuted than Muslims. Also believe the earth is 6000 years old and Donald Trump has a fine head of hair, so you know, take it as you will  Michigan hunters told to stop baiting bears with chocolate. Surely, a master baiter wouldn't need chocolate to get a bear  Trials to begin using dogs to detect bowel cancer. First challenge: cold noses  I laughed. She laughed. The vibrator laughed. I shot the vibrator. It was a good day  Cobra has escaped and is terrorizing a residential neighborhood. And now you know, and knowing is half the battle  One of Keith Richards' joints found in India  An Oxford comma changed this court case completely. Come on people  "Stand your ground" extension passes in Florida, raising the bag limit to five  Oklahoma politician may face charges after being found with underage male prostitute, as his ethics and Midwest family values come up a little behind  Robot is playing a leading role in a new British stage production. Although we've had that technology for years, it's called Keanu Reeves  Semi carrying fruit crashes on freeway, creates jam  Chuck Berry rolls over at the age of 90

Sports:  D-Wade out for C-Son with fractured L-Bow  Carmelo Anthony says losing this year is harder than losing in past years, but he sure makes it look easy  Colin Kaepernick launches humanitarian mission to fly a plane packed with 60 tons of food and water to Somalia. He sounds like a stand up guy

Geek:  So why does your body need more iron than your clothes? Well to get the wrinkles out of your birthday suit, for one  Remember, Windows Vista support ends next month. But if you ask me, I don't remember Vista ever getting support  Having kids could actually help you live longer ... or maybe it will just seem longer

Entertainment:  ♫ We are family, I got one less sister with me. ♫  Sixties pop star Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers collapses onstage four years after his last heart operation. Maybe doctors should put one of those whatchamacallits in his chest  The royal penis will be cleaned once again

Politics:  CBO projects iPhone sales to drop by 14M in 2018, accelerate to over 24 million by 2026  It's official: Obama did not tap that Ass  Barack Obama is probably lying

Business:  San Francisco real estate developer wants to house the homeless in towers of stackable "micro-units." Which would make them live just like everyone else in San Francisco  Pottery Barn 4Q sales fall 4%, company now looks to downsize to Pottery Shed  Tiffany shines as 4Q profit beats expectations. Debbie Gibson slightly jealous
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5 Comments     (+0 »)
2017-03-21 01:27:28 PM  
Old and busted: Grammar Nazi

New hotness: Alt-Write
2017-03-21 01:28:02 PM  
"Semi carrying fruit crashes on freeway, creates jam"

rly? a 4-year-old article with a copied headline gets a HOTW mention?

oh, and it's a repeat:

ACTUAL HEADLINE: Big rig carrying fruit crashes on 210 Freeway, creates jam posted to Main » on 20 May 2013

/srsly, that's weak and should be removed
2017-03-21 01:34:59 PM  
Be do be do headline cop is here!
2017-03-21 01:56:05 PM  
I expect to see "D-Wade" in the voting at the end of the year.
2017-03-21 08:28:18 PM  
Awesome. I got one.
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