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Kristen Stewart's emotions, Pharrell Williams' moods, and a bad piano cord. These are YOUR Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-01-29 to Sat 2017-02-04
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Welcome back for another edition of the Headlines of the Week. Once again, a yuuuuuge week, especially on the Politics tab. And as always a reminder that your votes are what makes this happen, so show a little love with a mouse click when you see something that makes you chuckle.

Also, since no one reads this blurb anymore, why are catfish fish but starfish aren't?

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2017-01-29 to Sat 2017-02-04:  Ever wish you were a kid again? You will now  *beeeyerrrrooooooo wak wak*  George HW Bush released from hospital immediately after losing Obamacare coverage  Illinois men's daring plan to speed away from pursuing Des Moines cops foiled by running out of fuel 40 miles away near Pleasantville. Mugshots nevertheless in full color  The person responsible for sacking the people ordering immigrants to be detained has been sacked  The Westminster Dog Show has added a new category: Alt-Dogs  Woman quits her job and sets up her own business catching wild alligators - saying they're not scary just 'misunderstood.' Come back next year when 'Stumpy' updates us on her experiences  Randy Christian probes corpse found by squirrel hunter  That's one talented pecker  Fire destroys local piano shop. No matter how you spinet, it's not grand. It's an upright disaster  Man guilty of having sex with a horse ordered to reign in the urges he been saddled with  Investigators have discovered the cause of that piano shop fire. You might want to sit down for this. . . It was. . A bad cord. Pianist

Sports:  McAfee retires from NFL, will presumably be replaced by Norton  Scientists doubt the benefits of the alkaline diet of Tom Brady. For one thing, Brady plays football and everyone knows that Al Kaline was with the Detroit Tigers  New doping tests announced for cricket as authorities vow to figure out what substance is keeping the players awake on the field

Geek:  New study finds the appendix may actually serve an important function, and not just by explaining what all those little notes in the main body of the text are  Food scientist says everyone needs more MSG in their diet. No word if he said it with an Accent  IMDB comment trolls about to be unleashed like everything in the containment grid in Ghostbusters

Entertainment:  The brutal murder of Bill Medley's ex-wife was a 40-year unsolved case until now. Righteous  Pharrell Williams and his wife announce the arrival of healthy triplets. Pharrell reportedly is very 'Happy' but will soon be very 'Sleepy'  Kristen Stewart is feeling extremely nervous about hosting SNL, but I bet she can pull this off without showing that she's feeling anything

Politics:  Nearly one-third of residents can't afford San Diego, and yet, there they are  Third Lady and Third Son may stay in Manhattan permanently because Donald says he can "get more work done" when she isn't scowling at him all the time. Plus Jared is leaving town soon, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more  Trump says, "You think our country's so innocent?" - in response to comment about Putin being a killer. Trump continues, I mean this country voted for me in spite of knowing what a jerk-off racist conman I was. Stop being so naive

Business:  Microsoft stock is almost higher than ever before. (nearly as high as the Windows 10 upgrade developers)  Apple sold five Macs last quarter, generating a record profit of 7.2B  H&R Block to use IBM's Watson to help prepare tax returns, keep customers from committing jeopardy
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