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Heritage without hate, Fifth Harmony's genre switch, and peanut butter jelly crime: These are your Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-12-18 to Sat 2016-12-24
Posted by ox45tallboy at 2016-12-27 1:07:22 PM (4 comments) | Permalink

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Welcome to another exciting edition of Fark's Headline of the Week, where we bring you some of the best headlines Fark has to offer. As always, remember to use those voting buttons if you want to see your favorite headline here next week. And, since nobody reads this blurb anymore, I'll just say that dill pickles are far superior to sweet pickles.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-12-18 to Sat 2016-12-24:  Jordanian security forces storm castle to free tourists held by armed men. No word if they had fun  Australia: where even your Christmas tree ornaments want to kill you  Heritage without hate is just 'erig'  Help solve the ten second attempted robbery, which is also what your wife calls the last time you had sex  Woman wins over $77k on scratch-off lottery ticket after husband dies of cancer. No word on what her third wish was  Flow chart that shows connections between Trump, Russia and White Nationalists looks exactly like an Escher staircase after a fight with a Xerox machine  Young fugitive from Tataouine sought in latest attack. This is not a repeat from long, long ago  Woman says a pet sitter she found on Craigslist sold her dogs. Your dog doesn't even want to use Craigslist for casual encounters  Black ice causing accidents along I-64. Local police now attempting to shoot the road  Peanut butter jelly crime, peanut butter jelly crime, peanut butter jelly crime  Semi driver hogs road

Sports:  The San Diego Chargers are set to announce their move to L.A. in January, hoping that's enough time to make it through L.A. traffic for the 2017 season opener  Twas two weeks before the Post Season, when all through the rankings - - Things are starting to settle, from byes to division winnings. - -The comments, to the right, for you to hang your hot take - - In hopes that my qb doesn't get the JAKE  Solo talks about future, fight for equal pay, shooting first

Geek:  The Curiosity rover's drill has stalled, and doing an RMA to DeWalt is going to be a pain  Satellites keep track of Amazon tribes, like the Amazon Prime tribe, which gets all its packages delivered within 2 days with free shipping  Battlefield 1 releases white flag expansion pack

Entertainment:  Fifth Harmony switches genres to Barbershop  Happy 50th birthday Kiefer Sutherland. YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME  Angelina Jolie accused of putting children's privacy at risk, presumably by adopting every one she sees

Politics:  Oh the Huma enmity  Electoral College member in MA wears tri-corner hat to cast vote, reportedly kept shouting HA HA as he did  The Rockettes have been informed that they are obligated to perform for Trump, because nothing says President Trump like a group of women forced against their will to dance in his presence

Business:  Italy's government set to bail out the world's oldest bank, will assume 37 chariot loans, mortgages on 6 bathhouses. 2 vineyards  Bed Bath & Beyond hope  New high tech KFC will scan your face and decide what you should eat. Apparently most customers want chicken
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2016-12-27 01:51:01 PM  
Woohoo! Two HOTW in a row!
2016-12-27 03:02:58 PM  
Save the sweet pickle! Save the dream!
2016-12-27 04:49:02 PM  
To waste a cucumber destined for dill on making sweet pickles is an abomination.
2016-12-28 04:23:05 AM  

SirMadness: To waste a cucumber destined for dill on making sweet pickles is an abomination.

And don't try and fool us with any of that "kosher dill"  or "polskie olgorkie" crap, either.  Real dill pickles are made with garlic and mouth-puckering anger.
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