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Larry King's birthday, a toxic Butte Hole, and a tuna exec avoiding time in the can - These are your Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-12-04 to Sat 2016-12-10
Posted by ox45tallboy at 2016-12-12 12:08:05 PM, edited 2016-12-12 2:31:55 PM (2 comments) | Permalink

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Welcome back for another sensational edition of Fark's Headlines of the Week. We had some excellent ones this week, at least a couple that I'm sure we'll be seeing next year at HoTY time. And for all of you TotalFarkers, be sure to use the "thumbs-up" button at the top of the page to vote for good headlines when you see them, so you can see them again here. Police collar decapitation suspect Driver killed in Rising Sun crash. Locals say it's been the ruin of many a poor boy America's math skills are getting worse with the country's test scores falling to levels not seen since 2006, a full 20 years ago Child goes WahWah when MaMa goes BlahBlah at the Wawa Toxic Butte hole kills thousands World record 72,000 candles were placed on the same cake. The achievement was then celebrated with everyone present singing "Happy Birthday" to Larry King Trump named Time's Person of the Year. So there's another thing he has in common with Hitler Steve Bannon to launch Breitbart in the original German Police say the same man broke into the same pharmacy four times in one month, using the same window to get inside. He was probably looking for his OCD medicine L.A. is selling the naming rights to rail stations and rail lines. In other words, you can take the Amazon Santa Monica train to the Google station and switch over to the Pornhub valley express where pulling a train is no problem Pope thread Trump: The Real Manchurian Candidate Pilot of deadly balloon flight was on several drugs that should have prevented him from getting high Istanbul to constantly topple

Sports: Jets to start Petty for the rest of the season, because even an 80-year-old former stock car driver is better than Ryan Fitzpatrick

Geek: Fleets of alien ships are using solar energy to recharge their batteries for interstellar travel. The sun is there Macaque monkeys possess the proper anatomy for human speech but not the brainpower. Fortunately, there's always a career in politics Survey suggests trapdoor spider populations are declining in southern Australia, but it could just be that a lot of them didn't answer the door

Entertainment: Here's the story, of a nasty lady, who was spewing out some very nasty words

Politics: Here's why liberals are more likely to fall for fake news than conservatives Republicans to Democrats: You either give up minimum wage increases or we get to keep farking that chicken Trump caps cabinet positions at 910

Business: Hearings in Seattle about cause of trawler sinking in Bering Sea. My money's on water Bumble Bee Foods exec pleads guilty in tuna price fixing scheme, will avoid time in the can
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2016-12-12 04:55:03 PM  
The fake news was too late to make it in for context headline of the year... =(
2016-12-12 06:55:40 PM  
Why only one or two headlines in some categories?
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