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Bull in a 'gina shop, Pope plans to unseat the Chicago Cubs as NLDS Champions, and the inventor of RAM dies at 1100010: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 11/13 - 11/19
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We're winding down to the end of the year, everybody. Keep an eye out for the first Headline of the Year threads, coming soon.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-11-13 to Sat 2016-11-19:  Historic anchor to be pulled from Detroit River. Well, once Detroit goes sailing away out to sea, don't say I didn't warn you  Lawyer who blamed a non-existent black man to cover up her drunk driving gets 10 days in jail. The non-existent black man was sentenced to 20 years  North Korea government hasn't yet told their people that Donald Trump has been elected president. Apparently Kim Jong-un wants to break it to them easily that he's no longer the world leader with the worst haircut  Two tablets containing the oldest known copy of the 15 *crash* Single tablet containing the oldest known copy of the 10 commandments is up for auction  Bull in a 'gina shop  Flights back to normal after police identify the body of the gunman who apparently met a man he didn't like earlier in the day outside of Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City  Charles Darwin is not known for his cooking skills, but his braising recipe is to die for, and the meat just falls off the bones  Canadians vote for common loon. America nods its head in knowing agreement  Samples of JFK's DNA sold at auction for $4.8m  FBI seek 'The Spelling Bee Bandit,' known for writing "robery" on a withdrawal slip and handing it to the teller. Authorities caution the public that he may be carrying a gub  Pope names seventeen new Cardinals, hopes to unseat the Chicago Cubs as NLDS Champions

Sports:  Robert Griffin III on pace to return to Injured Reserve this season  Vikings release kicker Blair Walsh. He missed the doorway wide left on the way out  While the Cowboys will probably ask for "Sam Bradford to the Vikings"-type compensation from any team they trade Tony Romo to next season, they'll probably only get a "Brett Farve to the Jets" kind of deal for him

Geek:  Scientists find that pigs can be optimists or pessimists, depending on their personality. This is news to the funding agency, who gave the scientists the grant to work on a Zika cure  Scientists are now monitoring bears in Alaska by collecting their saliva. Field equipment consists of a Q-tip and a pair of track shoes  Professor Jay Forrester, inventor of RAM, dies at 1100010

Entertainment:  Darius Rucker might be the Barney Miller of 90's American pop music - but don't expect him to Blowfish  Carrie Fisher: I banged Harrison Ford. World: I know  An interview with folk legend Edmund Fitzgerald, who sang about the famous ship the Gordon Lightfoot and the night it crashed into the Cat Stevens

Politics:  Trump chooses white nationalist Steve Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor. He'll be in charge of finding solutions to the nation's various problems. Final solutions, if you will  "You guys lost, get over it," says group waving Confederate flags  White nationalists describe joy over Trump picking Jeff Sessions for AG: "It's like Christmas." A White Christmas, one might say

Business:  Siemens to acquire Mentor Graphics. They now have all the engineering tools to go from conception to delivery  This day in 1867: ..... Wheat+5 ...... Corn+3 ......Iron-1 ......Tobacco+6 .....Soybeans-2  Breakfast in London, lunch in New York, luggage in Los Angeles
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