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Grigori Rasputin Memorial Bridge finally comes down, Obama finds a solution to closing Guantanamo, and playing the national anthem on third downs: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 10/9 - 10/15
Posted by Unfreakable at 2016-10-17 10:33:09 AM (3 comments) | Permalink

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Happy Monday, folks. In case you missed any, here are some of the better headlines from last week.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-10-09 to Sat 2016-10-15:  100,000 Italians march against indifference. Whatever  Hiker survives attack by two bears. Seems they took lessons on offense from Dowell Loggains  Obama finds solution to closing Guantanamo  ISIS confirms that their propaganda chief was killed in coalition air strikes earlier this month. They'd like put a positive spin on this news, but, know  Newly discovered trove of documents and photos reveal t. s. elliot's views on detective fiction, poetry publishing, his 'dread' of the u. s., and why he never replaced his shift key  After being blown up, beaten, tied up, and drug into the river, the Grigori Rasputin Memorial Bridge has finally come down  Genuine clown issues warning about killer clowns. You could cause a child to have a heart attack. Let's not forget nightmares and bed-wetting. Then there's the issue of no erection unless your date wears a Bozo mask. Maybe that's just me  County carves pumpkins underwater, known as Halloween H20  2016  Navy's fast attack ship USS Detroit to visit actual Detroit. Sailors warned that Detroit is more dangerous than Mogadishu, but they're still not allowed to shell it  Montana brewery combines beer with yoga classes. Now if they could just get rid of the yoga, they'd really have something

Sports:  Greg Hardy to move to MMA, challenge Ronda Rousey  Kaepernick to start against Bills on Sunday. Rex Ryan reportedly to play national anthem on third downs  School apologizes for football play named "Hitler", says the quarterback will no longer invade Poland

Geek:  Panasonic unveils first invisible television. Perfect for when there's nothing on  University researchers claim to have developed experiment to create early detection of neurological disorders using VR headsets. Researchers now asking for 15 copies of Eve: Valkyrie for totally related experiment, they swear  Roughly 100 million years ago, an amoeba robbed a bacterium of its genes. Now, researchers finally know how the amoeboid pulled off the heist. Probably an inside job

Entertainment:  ♫ How many songs must I mumble through, before I get a Nobel Prize, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind ♪  Janet Jackson confirms that she's pregnant at age 50. Which means she's copying Michael who also had no problem being middle aged and with child  Tom Waits congratulates Bob Dylan on his Nobel Prize. I wonder what THAT conversation sounded like

Politics:  The Washington Post, which has not endorsed a Democratic Presidential candidate in nearly four years, formally endorses Hillary Clinton  Former 'Apprentice' staffers claim Donald Trump routinely insulted the Kardashians on set. No official response yet from Gul Dukat's office  If you were agonizing over what to get Donald Trump for Christmas this year, agonize no more

Business:  In light of impending lawsuits, Theranos to begin construction of "mini labs" for blood tests, Infinity Gauntlet  Apparently Chipotle is just going to keep figuring out ways to give away free food until it either convinces customers to come back or exhausts the world's supply of flour tortillas  CEO of Hershey kisses the company goodbye
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2016-10-17 10:51:41 AM  
No love for the "Donner Party" headline? This vote was rigged!!
2016-10-17 02:58:57 PM  
Gul Dukat is most pleased with his placing in this week's headline selection.
2016-10-18 07:14:18 AM  
Thanks, Obama
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