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Spy pigeons caught before they could plot coo, the first campaign ads for Giant Meteor 2016, and smokin' ain't allowed in schools: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 10/2 - 10/8
Posted by Unfreakable at 2016-10-10 11:09:12 AM (2 comments) | Permalink

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Happy Monday, everybody. Hope it's great, and even better if you're one of the few to have today off.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-10-02 to Sat 2016-10-08:  The world's deepest underwater cave is so deep, researchers have been looking since 1999 and still can't find the bottom. It's like a 'yo mamma' joke but with more science  Teen tries to hire a clown to kill her teacher. Homey don't play that  Woman makes rabbits out of dust bunnies. You know what they say -- if you have lemmings, make lemonade  Indian authorities capture pair of Pakistani spy pigeons before they could plot coo  Forget it, Jake. It's Fox News  The first campaign ads for Giant Meteor 2016 finally arrive  Matthew up to Cat4, approaches U.S. coast at 16Mb/s  Strip club plans a voter outreach program in hopes of getting everyone to the poles  Expert believes dogs can detect the passage of time with their noses by noticing changes in scent. Oh, so a watch dog  WHAM  Cop arrested for pleasuring himself in public was also drafted in the 10th round of the MLB draft. Presumably by the Yankees

Sports:  SCOTUS rejects Washington Redskins' appeal, cancels all team's trademarks and name for "being offensive to many people." Team will now have to refer to themselves as "Redskins"  Attending the Cubs playoff series will cost fans an average of $428 per ticket, which is sort of a bargain, if you factor in all the years Cubs fans didn't need to buy playoff tickets  Giants hammer Thor, advance towards Asgard

Geek:  For some reason, researchers block gene to reduce cigarette smoke toxicity in fish embryos, when everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in schools  Google cancelled an intelligent robotic arm project. Lead engineer last seen robbing banks, battling Spider-Man  Two trees thought to be extinct were found in the garden of Queen Elizabeth II. Botanists thought they had found a third extinct tree there but it turned out it was only Prince Charles

Entertainment:  Shia LaBeouf shares set photo of him portraying John McEnroe in new film "Borg/McEnroe," which is on par to be the worst Star Trek film since the Abrams reboot, though the scene were McEnroe fights off the Borg Queen with a Prince racket is good CGI  Guardians of the Galaxy heads a list of movies with the highest kill counts with a staggering 83,871 on-screen deaths. Alderaan must have been sparsely populated  Chrysler dealership says a Starfleet navigator should know how to put his Jeep into park

Politics:  Here I sit all broken-hearted; Wikileaks said it was going to dump, but only farted  Drop out? In my moment of triumph?  And the October Surprise Advent Calendar gives us another treat

Business:  Ford to reintroduce the Bronco SUV to its lineup. First 5000 buyers will receive a commemorative pair of black leather driving gloves - one size too small, of course  Black and Blue Apron  Anheuser-Busch has been sponsoring presidential debates for years, which is kind of fitting when you think about it: Both peddle mass-marketed swill that nobody likes but a lot of people still consume
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2016-10-11 02:12:29 PM  
The glove didn't fit, but my headline made the weekly cut anyway.  xD
2016-10-11 02:53:03 PM  
I really wish I had come up with that spy pigeon headline.
Well done.
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