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ISIS wives go for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blew, using a Walker instead of a Kaine, and consumers won't give pizza chance: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 9/18 - 9/24
Posted by Unfreakable at 2016-09-26 10:53:48 AM (5 comments) | Permalink

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It's a fresh week, but here are a few of the better headlines from last week. Cheers.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-09-18 to Sat 2016-09-24:  World famous exorcist Gabriele Amorth dies at age 91. Although as everyone knows, exorcists never really die, they're just repossessed  Man arrested for having sex with a horse fears he'll never again have a stable relationship  ♫ Goldsphincter (Wah wah waah) He's the man, The man with the Midas butt ♫  Man arrested for microaggression inside Univeristy of Iowa library restroom  Joan of Arc's sword missing, search centered on San Dimas Mall  This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed home, This little piggy had roast beef, This little piggy had none. This little piggy went to Best Buy, This little piggy went to a party, This little piggy wait ... something's wrong here  Anti-intellectual paranoia hits new low as two passengers are removed from a flight simply for writing on the plane  Six-year-old appeals for Obama's help in his human trafficking scheme  Missing teen and former high school math teacher found together in motel room. Authorities suspect 25 went into 16 multiple times  ♫ Leprosy. I'm not half the kid I used to be. Body parts keep falling off of me. Can't go to school with leprosy ♫  ISIS wives are given suicide vests and machine guns as wedding gifts. Brides will now wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blew

Sports:  Maryland farm is cheering on the Orioles with a huge corn maze. Unlike the Orioles, it will remain until the end of October  MN RB AP to OR ASAP  Former NFL linebacker has quite an adventure accidentally solving a murder case and, thanks to CTE, will treasure those memories for the next 3.5 hours

Geek:  Google is helping to crack down on illegal fishing from space. How long is that fishing line?  Verizon releases Galaxy Note 7 software update with warning, new battery indicator, blast radius estimates  Fish use "mobbing" technique to fight the Bobbit worm, as opposed to the more traditional method of using a knife while it's sleeping

Entertainment:  Not cool, yo  AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams says he's retiring, leaving Axl Rose as the only original member of the band  Edward Snowden biopic crashes at the box office. Producers suspect the entire movie was leaked online

Politics:  Walker to be used instead of Kaine  Schlong-awaited announcement: Department of Thrustice probing Weiner for sexting with 15 year old. Will Weiner waver? "No" Weiner vows to stay firm, but Weiner's probably going down. Boehner offers support: "Hang in there Weiner"  CastraTED

Business:  Spain's political instability causes consumers to not give pizza chance  Moody's cuts Viacom's credit rating from "cable" to "antenna"  WTO: There are two fouls on the play: Unbusinessmanlike Conduct, EU; failed to stop illegal subsidies to Airbus. Also, illegal use of start-up aid to launch new plane lines, Airbus. $10B+ penalty, first down Boeing
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2016-09-26 11:18:11 AM  
I liked the missing teen & former high school teacher one myself.

2016-09-26 02:32:43 PM  
Sweet! Got two that made the cut this week

/pun intended, Mr. Cruz
2016-09-26 02:54:24 PM  

Grand_Moff_Joseph: Sweet! Got two that made the cut this week

/pun intended, Mr. Cruz

Congratulations, Grand_Moff_Joseph.

Though a frequent contributor, I rarely rate a favorite headline. I'm just not that funny. :-(
2016-09-26 04:09:47 PM  

Grand_Moff_Joseph: Sweet! Got two that made the cut this week

/pun intended, Mr. Cruz

Two for me also, special thanks to Joan.
2016-09-26 06:00:49 PM  

bighairyguy: Two for me also, special thanks to Joan.

And you got two, too?

Man, maybe I should start drinking again.
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