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Troi takes the helm of a submarine with obvious results, @Nero gets burned, and the best phone you've ever come across: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 7/17 - 7/23
Posted by Unfreakable at 2016-07-25 8:33:16 AM (2 comments) | Permalink

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Happy Monday, everybody. Hope to show you a few good headlines you might have missed last week.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-07-17 to Sat 2016-07-23:  Roger Ailes' career over after being screwed by blonde, which is pretty much the opposite of how it started  Twitter finally stops fiddling around, @Nero gets burned  Elderly woman beats off would-be robber with bacon. Personally, Subby is not that attracted to seniors, but is slightly aroused nonetheless  Police show up for a 5-year-old's birthday, wind up shooting his dog. SURPRISE  Nuclear submarine suffers costly damages after they let Troi take the helm  Ailes out. Murdoch in. Hannibal, Face, and B.A. nowhere to be found  Coors beer may finally give you a buzz  Man accused of selling more than a pound of mushrooms and 100 doses of LSD to an undercover officer in the parking lot of a liquid sky island balanced on the eyelid of a celestial squid meditating beneath the infinite implosions of seven Aztec suns  Level 3 sex offender rearrested after being spotted masturbating in public. See, that's why you need to take a level in thief or something with hide bonuses  PG cop busted for R-rated photos  And young Raven, chipped ere fleeing, now is sitting, still is sitting, In his lost Nebraska palace, looking out the patio door; After miles and miles of journey, he sits contented on the floor; Unleash Raven nevermore

Sports:  Ten years ago today, the Seattle Supersonics were sold by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to a group of Oklahoma City businessmen who promised to keep the team secure, alive, and thriving in a first-class NBA arena  Omaha selected to host the 2017 U.S. Olympic curling trials. Officials say the event could pump as much as another $220 into the local economy  'Any university want to join the best conference in all of college sports? Ok, wow, one at a time now. We can't take all of you. By the way, this is for the Big 12. Hey, where is everyone going?'

Geek:  The best phone you've ever come across?  ──═══░░▒▓x▓▒░░═══──  Scientists document wild birds 'talking' with humans for the first time, tweeting in 140 chirps or less

Entertainment:  Dane Cook is immortal  No Mohr Cox  Lt Uhura reveals she's failing the Hashimoto Maru scenario

Politics:  Unstoppable dickhead meets unyielding asshole in the Dallas airport headed to Cleveland  Democrats upgrade Paul Ryan's "Intern Selfie" from monochrome to technicolor  Hillary Clinton is going to announce her vice president pick and BAH GAWD IT'S KAINE

Business:  Italy is testing scheme to rescue banks, speed up collection on non-performing loans and dud mortgages in Palermo and other cities in Sicily. Never go up against a Sicilian when debt is on the line  Brexit drops UK economy to 2009 levels. A pound is now only worth 20 periwinkles and a hard candy  After buying AOL, Verizon now reportedly close to buying Yahoo, will have the hottest stock portfolio of 1996
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2016-07-25 10:28:50 AM  
Woot! Selfie headline makes the cut!
2016-07-25 05:26:58 PM  
Good jorb, P.C.
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