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Leming jumps off cliff, cheerleader hopefuls work on the Detroit Lions' cheer, and tiny American flags at half-mast: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 6/26 - 7/2
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Happy Fourth of July everyone! A few headlines for you all to enjoy this holiday weekend, before the big festivities begin.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-06-26 to Sat 2016-07-02:  Leming jumps off cliff  ITEM TOO SMALL, please contact service associate  Professor of structural biology at Imperial College in London Stephen Curry gives his thoughts on how the Brexit will affect science, the impact Kevin Durant would have with the Warriors  Turkey to Russia: Please don't kill us, we ran out of gas, we had a flat tire, we didn't have enough money for cab fare, there was an earthquake, locusts, we didn't mean to shoot down that plane WE SWEAR  Two campers presumed dead have their condition downgraded to 'In West Virginia'  Miss Teen USA removes swimsuits  Player 3 has entered the game  New colour is discovered, immediately taken for rough ride in the back of a police van  Nine-year-old girl receives Frozen-themed prosthetic arm, is still trying to figure out how to make it let things go  Former supermodel claims she needs $262 million from her ex-husband to live the lifestyle she is accustomed to, not counting $83 a year just for food  Three men charged with stealing $12 million they told investors would fund Nicolas Cage and Willie Nelson movie. Police say the first clue of the scam was that a major film was being made starring Nicolas Cage and Willie Nelson

Sports:  NASCAR drivers John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher get into an aggressive hugging match after a wreck. NASCAR considering fining them for actions detrimental to the sport of MMA  First Detroit Lions cheer squad in 40 years draws hundreds of hopefuls. Winners were the ones who were most convincing in yelling out the team's traditional cheerleading chant of "Nice try"  England votes to leave Europe. Again

Geek:  Wales has culture. Wait a second, that doesn't sound right. Whales have culture. There we go  "Super Grand Canyon" discovered on Pluto's largest moon. And just like with the Grand Canyon on Earth, scientists looked at it for ten minutes before saying "OK, let's go home now"  Yo dawg, so I herd you like regex, so we put a regex in your regex so you can :(?:[^?+*{}()[\]\\|]+|\\.|\[ (?:\^?\\.|\^[^\\]|[^\\^]) (?:[^\]\\]+|\\.)*\]|\( (?:\?[:=]|\?)

Entertainment:  Patridge starts a family. Come on, get happy  Why is Nancy Grace leaving HLN? Is there something she's trying to hide? THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WANTS ANSWERS  Director of "The Deer Hunter" dies, funeral services will be held in an unknown chamber

Politics:  Tiny American flags at half-mast today  Trump turns his back on his supporters during latest campaign stop  FBI has early Fourth of July BBQ, grills Hillary

Business:  How ad blockers are destr "Please disable your ad blocker to continue reading this article"  Seagate spins down and parks 1,600 jobs due to a lack of cache  Hershey tells buyer to hit the highway
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