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Noseless man caught in scentsless crime, an unexpected profit opportunity in the mobile stripper pole repair business, and 13-year old boy suffers Michelle Duggar Syndrome: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 5/29 - 6/4
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Good morning, my pretties. Happy Monday to you all.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-05-29 to Sat 2016-06-04:  Mannford man escapes from western Oklahoma prison. Just another runner in the night  Unexpected item in the bagging area  Hacked road sign displays anti-Trump message. Big deal, a lot of road signs do that: "Stop," "Dip Ahead," "Slow Children"  Church lady has dyed  Goodness gracious  13-year-old boy suffers from Michelle Duggar Syndrome after shark attack  YMCA chief arrested. Sailor, construction worker inconsolable  Noseless man sought in scentsless crime  Parisians evacuating as flooding is causing the city to go in Seine  Active shooter has been barricaded in SF Chinatown building for over an hour, costing landlord over $10,000 in rent so far  HA HA Quaker bars may kill you

Sports:  Alastair Cook becomes first Brit to score 10,000 lifetime runs in cricket. Not bad for a guy who was running back and forth between episodes of Masterpiece Theatre the whole time  Florida Panthers unveil their new logo, and congratulations are in order to whichever fourth-grader designed it  Johnny Manziel being sued for damages to a house in LA. Cleveland Browns told they can't join in on the suit since their house was already a disaster before he came along

Geek:  Shimon the robot will provide soothing relief when the machines take over, and not by pushing your wheelchair down the stairs. In fact, forget we mentioned the wheelchair thing. Relax  Scientists study rare disease that makes you believe you're dead, decide to name it "Nebraska"  Girl with toes as long as fingers says they come in handy

Entertainment:  Mirror's Edge is getting a TV adaptation/noiƚɒƚqɒbɒ VT ɒ ǫniƚƚɘǫ ƨi ɘǫbƎ ƨ'ɿoɿɿiM  Chris Evans calls the new Top Gear a "hit." Think he's missing an "s" somewhere  Finally, my traveling dancer pole repair business will show a profit

Politics:  Feel the Johnson  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman calls Trump University "phony and heartless". Later he backtracked on the statement, says he didn't mean to include the "university" part  Elizabeth Warren: "I'm a superdelegate and I don't believe in superdelegates" - and POOF she disappeared

Business:  General Mills recalls 10 million pounds of flour, for all purposes and intents  Facebook board will try to limit founder's control, die at the hands of the Jem'hadar  Hostess recall due to unexpected nut residue in the Ding Dong
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