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Canada to attack ISIS with Nickelback, cake controversy gets a re-torte, and scientists discover something not-so-secret about Freddie Mercury: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/17 - 4/23
Posted by Unfreakable at 2016-04-25 11:46:46 AM (3 comments) | Permalink

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Hi everybody. Happy Monday; enjoy the headlines. :-)

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-04-17 to Sat 2016-04-23:  17th annual "White Privilege Conference" was held in Philadelphia. Which was actually just an alternative for the people who can't go to the real one later this year in Cleveland  7/11 was a part time job  NJ motorcyclist killed after driving in the refrigerator lane  People being shot in Butte by pellet gun sniper. People also being shot in leg  Rap video shooting interrupts rap video shooting  "Well, allow us to re-torte"  Harriet Tubman to be placed on the $15.40 bill  Teen electrocuted performing Jacob's Ladder experiment he saw on YouTube, leaves behind family, friends, a lingering smell  Man connected to organized crime killed by sni--  In the 16th Century red meat was better than white, fruit was for the poor and sick and ThotalFarke cost but 1 groat a monthe  U.S. attacks ISIS with B52's. Canada to send Bieber, Nickleback

Sports:  Throughout NHL Playoffs, Kings fans who fly Delta can jump to front of the line to board their plane as long as they're wearing Kings gear. Not just for the two trips to San Jose, but to golf courses all over the country through mid-June  Browns drop the deuce on Philadelphia  Tony Stewart is returning to NASCAR this weekend, immediately gets fined $35k for talking about himself

Geek:  First detailed snapshots of Venus from the Akatsuki probe reveal strange clouds, which could indicate that Venus is way ahead of Earth in legalizing marijuana  New report says that much of the scientific research that is published today is false. Although it's not certain who did the report and how they compiled and checked their information  Google charged over Android abuse. Synthetics and Replicants toiling away in the Data Mines raise their heads in solidarity

Entertainment:  Happy 70th birthday to Tim Curry. I think this calls for a cele-  Science discovers what many men already knew: Freddie Mercury had an incredible throat  Spoiler alert: it blows up on the last episode

Politics:  Bill Clinton warns that Bernie Brahs will 'shoot every third person on Wall Street' instead of dealing with the situation discreetly, like Vince Foster  So Mr. Doe, I see you worked on a presidential campaign "Yes, Trump 2016" :-| I'm sorry, but the position is filled *buzzes for hounds*  7/11, Benghazi declared winners in NY primary

Business:  Tinder tests feature to share a profile with coworkers on LinkedIn or Slack, possibly to set up a date, or more likely to populate a to-do list  Coca-Cola cans and bottles getting a "major" makeover, because if there's one thing Coke has learned about its customers over the years, it's that they love big changes  "Journalism has an editing crisis." EVERYBOYD PANC
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2016-04-25 12:13:19 PM  
Woot, I got a HOTW!
2016-04-25 12:42:35 PM  
I am placing my bet now: the 7/11 headline is going to be Headline of the Year.
2016-04-26 01:18:15 AM  

Sarah Jessica Farker: I am placing my bet now: the 7/11 headline is going to be Headline of the Year.

Fingers crossed for the next 8 months.
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