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Cruz denies Cuban Mistress Crisis, shaking the butthole paradigm, and LeBron James striving to win the 2011 NBA title: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 3/20 - 3/26
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Happy Monday, everybody.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2016-03-20 to Sat 2016-03-26:  Britain to pull the plug on tampon tax  Woman wakes up one day and can no longer swallow. Same thing happened to my wife the day after we were married  TSA spoils Rob Ford's wake  Institute for Depriving You Of The Slightest Joy In Life And Incessantly Nagging You Until You Beg For The Sweet Release Of Death And Even Then You're Doing It Wrong says moderate alcohol consumption isn't good for you after all  But hey, free dwarf  New observations in comb jellies shakes the butthole paradigm. Hey, new band name  Pandas caught on tape mating. In related news, Gawker to post video online  Alas, poor William  Monarch butterflies could disappear from Eastern US within 20 years, probably to be replaced by blue morphos  And if the Syrian Civil War wasn't already an absurdly complicated mess, there may be two North Korean army units present in the country, possibly to fire missiles into the Mediterranean  DNA from Brussels suspect found all over the Paris attacks, if you know what I mean

Sports:  Peyton Manning wants to organize a 10-year Super Bowl reunion during the Bears-Colts game this upcoming season. Bears defenders Mike Brown and Tommie Harris have already said they will have to miss it  LeBron James striving to win the 2011 NBA title  RGIII decides to sign two-year contract with a minor league team

Geek:  A farewell to legendary mathematician Sir Christopher Zeeman, a pioneer in the arcane field of catastrophe theory later manifested in the Cleveland Browns front office and the Fark politics tab  Andy Grove is now just a memory  Smart people don't need friends anyway. Just the internet. And maybe the boxed set of Firefly. And the internet

Entertainment:  Jurors say the Hulk Hogan sextape was worse than they expected, thought the run-in by Pat Patterson in the end was extremely uncalled for  Garry Shandled  Kevin Hart signs a deal to write his memoirs. Apparently it will be a collection of short stories

Politics:  Trump tries desperately to get another "m"  Hillary promises to share the secrets of Area 51 to the world if elected, presumably by placing them on an email server  Cruz denies Cuban Mistress Crisis

Business:  Merger of two paint giants gets worldwide coverage  Most Americans favor lifting the Cuban embargo. Especially Red Sox fans who desperately need help in their bullpen  British Judge approves the extradition of the "flash crash " trader who single-handed caused the US stock market to crash in 2010, even if he was slightly incredulous that the US was actually going to bring charges for a financial crime
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