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Lighting up green women's underwear, the queen of Kings, and Tebow dropped after more difficulty scoring: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 11/22 - 11/28
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-11-30 7:17:24 AM (3 comments) | Permalink
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Hi everybody. Last week we continued with the Headline of the Year preliminaries (now closed) for January, February and March, and we'll be having additional preliminaries every day this week, so TFers: keep an eye out for the Headline of the Year tag on TFD.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-11-22 to Sat 2015-11-28:  Boy Scouts of America under pressure to admit girls, in spite of the organizations' 100 years of history of avoiding cooties  New evidence suggests that Christopher Columbus did not bring syphilis to Europe, so if your Niña or your Pinta hurts, don't blame the Santa Maria  Newborn baby found abandoned in nativity scene at NY church. Jesus Christ  Roofer steals floor, will be confined to four walls  Sleigh bells ring are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight - lighting up green women's underwear  Woman horrified to learn she's been sleeping with a scorpion for three months. On the bright side, at least it wasn't a Whitesnake or a Judas Priest  Cheese heist ends in truck rollover, three arrests. The suspects are Wallace, Gromit and a yet to be identified chicken  In other news, when internet celebrities retire, websites that played heavily on their humor tend to hold a farewell thread in that person's honor  Mother who left newborn baby in NYC manger won't face charges, though authorities still unclear if she ever came to her census  Family earning over $1 million living in NYC public housing. "They should move them out," said Carmen Santiago, a building resident, whose whereabouts, as usual, remain unknown  Cops seize saw after saw thieves seen

Sports:  Sacramento Kings now considering making Nancy Lieberman the NBA's first woman head coach. Which would unofficially make her the queen of Kings  A study of Frank Gifford's brain reveals the only possible explanation for why he'd marry Kathie Lee  Olivia Culpo breaks off her relationship with Tim Tebow due to a lack of scoring

Geek:  Scientists propose creating an artificial virus to infect mosquitos and re-write their DNA to make them immune to malaria. So go "short " on mosquito nets stocks and long on machetes, crossbows, and anything else useful after the dead begin to walk  Scientists claim Earth may be growing dark matter hairs, and warn that if it keeps it up it may go blind, too  In space, no one can hear you stream

Entertainment:  Willie Nelson reveals he had stem cell surgery, say doctors were nice enough to at least pick out the seeds first  Alex is a structural engineer. Alex notices inaccuracies in movies. Alex really gets bothered by suspension bridges that get destroyed inaccurately. Alex wonders why he never gets invited to parties anymore  Soap opera veteran and his evil twin die on the same day

Politics:  Donald Trump calls himself "The Ernest Hemingway" of Twitter. Apparently it's because he's 140 different characters  Trump defends memorial at his Virginia golf course for non-existent Civil War battle. Carson claims he fought at the battle and Fiorina says she's seen a video of the battle  Mike Huckabee to have surgery to repair damage after so many knee-jerk reactions

Business:  Bye, bye miss American Pfizer. They're buying Allergan in Ireland where the taxes are wiser. An inversion is planned, expatriation is nigh. Botox and Viagra 'cause your youth is a lie...have a burger, lipitor and some fries  Icahn has Xerox?  Department stores--even the fancy ones--are in dire straits, because people are no longer willing to shell out money for nothing, and hope is so far away because customers will just skateaway to online retailers
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2015-11-30 11:23:54 AM  
We should replace the Obvious tag with a Romero tag.  :)
2015-11-30 01:52:31 PM  
2015-12-01 09:00:05 AM  
I think the "miss American Pfizer" headline is pretty clever.  One can almost sing the tune as you say it.
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