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The dread candidate Clinton, CC goes to AA, and no kidney bank in England: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 10/4 - 10/10
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-10-12 9:42:49 AM (0 comments) | Permalink
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Happy Monday, everybody. Enjoy the headlines!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-10-04 to Sat 2015-10-10:  The El Faro lost at sea, Coast Guard says. Gordon Lightfoot tunes his guitar, looks for rhyming dictionary  There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?  Inventors of app which allows people to post unsolicited public criticism shut down all methods by which they might receive unsolicited public criticism  Bear Armed  The War on Drugs™ may soon see the release of half of the POWs  ICU  You know how you always lose adapters from your socket wrench set? Turns out the gal outside Home Depot has the 9mm  Australian scientists grow mini human kidneys. England says it doesn't yet have a kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool  Getting a Hummer in your hotel room isn't always as great as it sounds  Fertility expert lists the best sex positions for achieving pregnancy. Guess which one is on top?  Ireland's Central College in Limerick website is hacked by ISIS. First message received begins with "There was an extremist from Syria"

Sports:  Miami Dolphins fire Philbin, Kelly Ripa to take over as head coach  CC goes to AA  Illegal use of fuzzy math by the St. Louis city council. Explanation is declined, Taxpayers will be charged an additional quarter-billion dollars for a stadium. Repeat third down

Geek:  Zurich hotel offers $2,000-a-night space station experience. Or for $300 you could just take a 4 hour taxi ride with a Russian in need of a shower  You can now Google "ancient beaver" without worrying about seeing your mom in the search results  Nine, definitely nine Supreme Court justices refuse to hear a challenge to NY state's mandatory vaccination law

Entertainment:  Old Yeller actor sent to the old actor's ranch, where he can run and play all day with other actors  Celebrity Chef learns that, just like wine and cheese, your sexual partners should be allowed to age  Hello, boys. I'm BAAAAAACK

Politics:  It's made of People! Gun control is People!  Kevin McCarthy drops out of the Speaker race, most likely to focus more on his work for the Clinton Campaign  "I am not the Hillary Clinton," she said. "My name is Ferraro; I inherited the name and position from the previous Hillary. The woman I inherited it from is not the real Hillary either. The real Hillary has been living like a king in Patagonia"

Business:  U.S. trade negotiators on the verge of completing their 11 nation Pacific Rim job  I'm Rubbermaid and you're Elmer's Glue, whatever you say bounces off of me... and it doesn't matter now because I'm acquiring you  Big U.S. firms are holding $2.1 trillion in cash overseas to avoid paying taxes. In other news, there are still large American corporations paying taxes
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