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A Maryland mansion fire, a visit to Thunderpdome, and Saudi Arabia involved in a sheikdown: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 8/2 - 8/8
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-08-10 11:44:37 AM (2 comments) | Permalink
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Happy Monday, everybody. Enjoy the headlines!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-08-02 to Sat 2015-08-08:  👉👌, ✊: 🚫  Man stranded 44 miles off New Jersey treads water for four hours to stay alive before being rescued by Coast Guard. His name has not been released, but it's probably Robert  ♫ You hoard twenty-one tons, what do you get / A vermin-filled home that reeks when it's wet ♫  Lawyer says porn is worse than Hitler. Hitler responds by saying lawyers are worse than him AND porn  Maryland mansion fire that killed six in February ruled accidental according to THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE  Все ваши базы принадлежат нам  As drought conditions lead to a "nut boom" in California, residents fear a "nut bust" after aquifers dry up  French horn returned to woman five years after it was stolen. Neighbors reportedly already plotting to steal it again if she doesn't stop playing it  Prisoner surfs out of Norway jail, after obtaining a waiver and rider  Canadian doctor who helped keep thalidomide out of the US dies at age 101. Give her a round of applause, if you're able  Australia may ban the sales of Vegemite in some areas, expecting to lead men at work to cease business as usual, disrupting cargo shipments. Subby is of two hearts over this proposal, as this is overkill even in the land down under

Sports:  The Carmelo Anthony of football thinks he is the LeBron James of football  The last time a Chancellor was in this bad of a bargaining position, Valorum lost control of the Senate  DeSean Jackson injures shoulder after being stopped by a blocking sled. Tag is for the equipment crew who left it near the end zone figuring no Redskin would be near it

Geek:  New computer modeling shows that ice can form in one-millionth of a second. Vonnegut nods and says, 'I told you so'  Although we all should be drinking it more often, don't order beet juice three times in a row  Researchers have found a way to erase memories of meth in mice. In related news, research mice continue to get all the really good drugs

Entertainment:  "Crow" reboot hits a snag. Not as bad of a snag as the first movie, but not good  Cooper Hefner is Slytherin his way into Scarlett Byrne  For $5.2 million, you can buy Michael Moore's Michigan mansion. Much less if you keep Michael

Politics:  Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has some "doozies" planned for the Republican debate, including gotchas like "Which one of you loves America more," "Will you allow Obamacare to bankrupt America," and "How many Democrats could you beat in a fight?"  Sean Hannity puts 26 GOP voters in the same room and asks them to discuss Donald Trump. Thunderpdome ensues  In the worst sales pitch to congressional Republicans ever, Obama says rejecting the Iran deal is a vote for war

Business:  Toyota's Q1 profit up 10% on news nothing was recalled this morning  Planet Fitness IPO stumbles off the Stairmaster, smashes finger putting back a dumbbell and finally falls in a heap on a stinky yoga mat  Falling oil prices force Saudi Arabia to borrow money to finance their growing deficits. Leaders say it's a conspiracy, and nothing less than a sheik down
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2015-08-10 02:26:52 PM  
Sweet! My Thunderpdome line made the cut this week. :D
2015-08-10 02:44:16 PM  
Been a while since I got 2 in one week. Sweet!
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