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Gays finally able to tie the knot, Kim Jong Un plans to hang 10, and why you should never try to lift Solo: some of Fark's favorite headlines of the week for 7/26 - 8/1
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-08-03 10:38:44 AM (4 comments) | Permalink
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Good morning and welcome to a new week, everybody. Got some great headlines from last week in case you missed any.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-07-26 to Sat 2015-08-01:  Police have been called after a senior British Parliamentarian was pictured snorting cocaine with two prostitutes and pleasuring himself. Authorities have confirmed he is a high wanking official  Gays can finally tie the knot  Best Korea could become a surfing destination. Kim plans to hang 10  (○) (○) \0/... (○) (°), (○) (•), (*) (.), (●) (°) [Not safe for work]  Brain-eating amoeba found in Louisiana water, promptly added to endangered species list  Woman complains to police that a man in a BMW was naked from the waist down. Police tell her that if they had to investigate every dick in a BMW, they'd never have time to do any other police work  Son, 74, accused of threatening to kill his 100-year-old mother, possibly involving his accomplice, Time  Human torso found during investigation of severed limbs. Police say they are unconnected  'Shocking' number of Brits don't know they need to call 0118 999 881 99 9119 7253 in an emergency  Woman who adopted nine kids, fostered thirty-six dies in crash on way home to her shoe  The legacy of the Bin Laden family crashing jets into things continues

Sports:  Lions won't shy away from Super Bowl talk, rich dentists  In a total reversal from early February, Tom Brady gets smoked by a Cuban  Tiger Woods makes four straight birdies in the second round of the Quicken Loans National tournament. It's first time this year he's had four straight birdies on a course that didn't include the holes "Windmill" and "Clown's mouth"

Geek:  One of New Horizon's collaborators might be better known for his work with Mercury  Hotter-than-usual Northwest rivers are blamed for thousands of poached salmon  New development allows wheelchair-bound patients to stand again, says lead researcher Dr. Emil Schaffhausen

Entertainment:  Seven female bass players who helped shape modern music: Kim Gordon, Tina Weymouth, Geddy Lee & more  They Die  J.J. Abrams broke his back trying to help Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars. This is why you never try to lift Solo

Politics:  Tea Party makes bid to remove flaccid Boehner  As Sanders begins to surge in the polls Hillary Clinton tries to position herself to his left, which given that he is a socialist, likely means either joining an ashram in Asheville, NC or doing her hair in "white girl dreads" and going to Burning Man  One researcher proved a dozen years ago that NINA did not exist. A teenager now shows otherwise. No word yet on the existence of Santa Maria and Pinta

Business:  United Airlines reports 2Q record profit of $1.2 billion. Company attributes success to more efficient booking, fewer passengers frills, fuel savings from not having any planes take off over the past three months  Beijing police shut down Samsung  Twitter's new interim CEO, facing pressure from investors amid a stagnant user base, announces plans to reinvent the company by making it mo
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2015-08-03 12:30:07 PM  
I can has the first of the posting?
2015-08-03 01:58:14 PM  

jiesenPSD: I can has the first of the posting?

Trqdemark infringement.
2015-08-03 02:26:01 PM  
Moss-covered three-handled gredunza
2015-08-04 06:24:53 AM  
"Gays finally able to tie the knot, Kim Jong Un plans to hang 10"

I find that shocking, something should be done.
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