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SCOTUS affirms Mitt Romney's healthcare plan, wildlife officials make little Boo Boo and euthanize wrong bear, and Toshiro Mifune honored with Hollywood star, letter opener: a few of Fark's favorite headlines of the week for 6/21 - 6/27
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-06-29 11:56:02 AM (1 comment) | Permalink
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Good morning everybody! Some fun headlines last week--enjoy!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-06-21 to Sat 2015-06-27:  Multiple explosions and gunshots around the Afghan parliament in Kabul. Unclear if the suspects have some kind of mental illness  South Carolina decides to stop being a confederacy of dunces  Pope apologizes for the Catholic persecution of the Waldesians, which long-ago forced their founder, Waldo, into hiding  This house. Once it was a good house. Strong. Upright, a good house for man. A place to escape the midday sun by drinking many cold beers. But now this house has grown weak, and old. To fix up this house, that would be a good thing  You''d think having your boat struck by lightning and destroyed in the ensuing fire would be bad enough, but noooo. Then you'd think that having your house hit by lightning and burning down would be bad enough, but noooo  17 year old invents an ingenious way to instantly stop the bleeding, is immediately contacted by physicians, hospitals, Philadelphia Phillies  Mud race ends in diarrhea outbreak. How could they tell?  After teen is attacked in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, wildlife biologists euthanize wrong bear. Officials admit the mistake, but say it was only a small Boo Boo  People in upstate New York reported to be up to 50% safer, according to reports  Homeless woman kidnaps children to teach them how to steal, pickpocket, and live on the street. What the dickens?  New study suggests that the illness known as "porn addiction" isn't real. Subby will be back with DIT in about 5-7 minutes

Sports:  Pennsylvania brewery to sell Joe Paterno beer, reportedly marketed to underage drinkers  Sepp Blatter has denied saying he will resign as FIFA president and will be making a statement from outside his new mansion in Qatar shortly  Hope Solo continues to beat people

Geek:  30% of data center servers are using energy but functionally dead, not having been accessed in six months. Also known as "Yahoo"  Two teens (aged 13 and 14) won an award for inventing a condom that changes color in the presence of STDs. Clap for them  Thanks to vaccines and science, polio only remains in three countries. But soon, it will only plague two countries. Vaccines. Is there anything they can't do? Oh, yes; there is one thing they absolutely cannot do: CAUSE AUTISM

Entertainment:  Now THIS is pod racing  86 was enough  Toshiro Mifune to be honored posthumously on Hollywood Walk of Fame with star, letter opener

Politics:  SCOTUS affirms Mitt Romney's healthcare plan by a vote of 6-3, much to the relief of Republicans everywhere  SUPREME COURT ALLOWS HOMOSEXUALS TO DESTROY THE FABRIC OF AMERICAN SOCIETY by allowing them to, you know, settle down, buy a minivan in the suburbs and be boring like everybody else  The tiny nation of Pitcairn Island also legalized same-sex marriage this week, with officials saying it was the Christian thing to do

Business:  McDonald's introduces "McBike" drive-through bags for all none of the people who love both cycling and McDonald's food  Old Navy introduces fashion line for bloggers that inexplicably includes pants  Many Greeks unable to go ATM today
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2015-06-29 05:25:27 PM  
so, how's everyone doing in here? Oh it's just me, well, I guess I'll get the lights on the way out then.
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