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Lynyrd Skynyrd rycyrdyng nyw albym, the world's first video game for cats, and Konami gets fans' hopes up up, down down: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/26 - 5/2
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-05-04 8:52:30 AM (0 comments) | Permalink
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Happy Monday, everybody. Got some headlines you might enjoy

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-04-26 to Sat 2015-05-02:  Truck spills 10,000 gallons of milk. CHiPs ahoy  Hogan flexes his muscles, brother  Military holds decontamination exercises in Battle Creek, Michigan. It's the biggest toxic cleansing in Battle Creek since Kellogg's introduced All-Bran  No gas allowed in Glastonbury Festival this year. So welcome to Ltonbury  U.S. Department of Defense agency develops a bullet that can swerve in mid-air to strike shifting objects. Apparently, the Warren Commission was onto something  Search for owner of found leg leads police to IHOP  One person jumps out of a window to safety in Triangle building fire. This is not a repeat from 1911  Brazen bra burglars rob Victoria's Secret. Police evidence includes exhibits A, B , DD  Don't be too proud of this technological communications infrastructure you've constructed. The ability to use a cell phone is insignificant next to the power of ham radio  Model Cassandra Bankson has only one kidney, but boy does she overcompensate for it  If you saw one police car chasing another for 45 miles along I-80 in Nebraska, blame meth. Or thank meth for giving you the most exciting thing to ever happen in Nebraska

Sports:  Love's labrum lost for the season  New York Times folds its bridge column; Chris Christie denies any involvement  Bulls have their way with Bucks....NTTAWWT

Geek:  IBM cracks quantum-computing quandary. You will and will not understand this article  Scientists develop a remote device to control the movements of a lab mouse. Which means they're now one step closer to the world's first video game for cats  If(time == powf(2, 31)){ everybody.setPanic(true); }

Entertainment:  Konami cancels Silent Hills project after getting fans' hopes up up, down down  Legendary British mystery writer Ruth Rendell has died at 85. OR HAS SHE?  Lynyrd Skynyrd rycyrdyng nyw albym

Politics:  SCOTUS live blog: Gay marriage decision down to who presents more impressive briefs  Kirstie Alley to plead guilty in Bridgegate scandal  Jeb Bush endorses statehood for Puerto Rico. Mostly as a way to let residents of Alabama know what it's like to not be in last place for everything

Business:  McDonald's purges menu of seven slow-selling sandwiches. Not the first purge involving McDonald's food  Beijing to build the world's largest airport terminal. Officials hope to hire numerous Chinese checkers  Dolphin-free labels on cans of tuna "are a fraud cooked up by special interests." Plus they never give you a free dolphin no matter how many labels you collect
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