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Religious ritual hostage commits last great act of defiance, hash tags, and Serena Williams licks Maria Sharapova down under: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 1/25 - 1/31
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-02-02 7:08:27 AM (2 comments) | Permalink
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Submitters are stepping up their games. Good work this week.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-01-25 to Sat 2015-01-31:  MILF leaves 30 Filipino police dead. Probably would not hit that  ♫ One mall in Bangkok's filled with fish and oysters, but now the residents must set them free ♫ So every local with a pail's a hoister, dumping all the fishes back into the sea ♫ I can feel a catfish wriggling next to me ♫  Iran vows revenge against Israel for killing a top general in an Israeli airstrike in Syria on Hezbollah fighters who are fighting for Assad to help him to destroy ISIS. In response, US feels a headache coming on and goes to lie down  Fifteen year-old shoots and kills thirteen year-old brother in ultra-realistic game of cops and robbers, walks away without being charged. He must have been playing as the cop  Seven million marijuana tweets are sent every month. Oh, wow, man. It's like hash tag  Gunman opens fire at council meeting in New Hope, shot and killed by troopers for being part of a rebel alliance and a traitor  Texas woman stabbed repeatedly as she was running on a treadmill. The suspect just came up out of nowhere on his stationary bicycle  Hostage that was kidnapped, had lower limbs cut off, and held prisoner as part of religious ritual, commits suicide to exact revenge in last desperate act of defiance  A look at workplace meetings, and whether they're really creating the synergy and out-of-the-box design thinking that right-sized teams can, moving forward, leverage into capacity-building, win-win success scenarios  Indian police baffled by "skeleton sacks." To be fair, most people don't understand fashion models  Hello mullah, hello fatwah, greetings from camp, intifada  

Sports:  Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable NFL team at $3.2 billion. The New England Patriots are second at $2.6 billion, after adjusting for inflation  Hawks win using properly inflated balls  Serena Williams licks Maria Sharapova down under  

Geek:  You window-licking, herpes-ridden douchebags are far too stupid to understand why Internet trolls get us so riled up  Most of Hawaii's coral have recovered from mass bleaching. Starfish are taking a bit longer to see the light of day  Rare white dolphin spotted. Must be the kicker  

Entertainment:  New documentary "goes inside Kurt Cobain's head." Well, that should be easy enough  Yes it's true. This cast has no dick  Suge Knight might be coming back to Death Row  

Politics:  Chris Christie takes another step towards Presidential run, stops to catch breath  Indiana governor planning state-run news agency to publish stories before release to the media. Possible agency names include "Truth" which is English for "Pravda"  Romney 3.0 is only vaporware  

Business:  FTC throttles wireless carrier's bank account for lying about its unlimited data advertising  Apple stock hits all-time high of $120 a share. That stock exchange symbol is, once again, S-U-C-K I-T H-A-T-E-R-S  72,000 Americans now have 401(k) accounts of $1 million or more. All hope to enjoy the money when they can comfortably retire, at age 88
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2015-02-02 09:55:57 AM  
Thr kid shooting his brother, and the religious hostage ones are by far the best.
2015-02-02 10:20:06 AM  
Yes, because kids shooting other kids is funny

//see you in hell
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