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Rock and Roll Houthi coup, the worst model train accident ever and oil prices rise in dead king bounce: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 1/18 - 1/24
Posted by Unfreakable at 2015-01-26 2:26:38 PM (2 comments) | Permalink
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Nothing much to add this week; enjoy the headlines!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2015-01-18 to Sat 2015-01-24:  ISIS frees 200 elderly members of a religious minority sect because they're "too expensive to feed." God, they sound like Americans putting their parents into nursing homes  Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago declare war on pizza. Fortunately, no local businesses will be affected  "Human Cannonball" dies at 24, which is a ripe old age for a human cannonball  Facebook announces plan to start charging for accounts, with options starting at $5 per month  Tractor trailer accident spills thousands of packs of ramen noodles. Damage estimated in the tens of dollars  Tootsie Roll boss dies at age of 93...94...95. (Crunch). 95  ♪ It's "Skokie Sergeant's" lonely hearts club scam, taking you for all your dough. "Skokie Sergeant's" lonely hearts club scam, convicted now it's time to go ♪  Wikipedia takes broad steps to skirt controversy, feminists. Period  Cops arrest man for possession of "New England Patriots drug pipe." Further proof that the NFL will license anything  Gay cousins can now marry in Alabama  Woman goes to dentist to have a little work done, comes out with no teeth. It's the British way  

Sports:  ♪ A horse is the source of the forced recourse, and nothing can taunt like a horse on a court ♪  McLaren F1 finds new sponsor in CNN. No word on whether there will be a new logo each race  Former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly told by doctors that he is now cancer-free, hopes his doctors are more accurate than Scott Norwood  

Geek:  How tequila can help you lose weight, and not just because of the projectile vomiting afterwards. Well, not entirely  Scientists discover fish alive and well in an isolated, 10-meter deep, subglacial lake in Antarctica, that is buried under 700+ meters of ice. I'm pretty sure I know how this movie is gonna end  Study finds women keep a steady pace during marathons, while men slow down, speed up, finish faster, need hours to recover  

Entertainment:  Worst model train accident ever  Fatality  Someone spent $71,000 on a rare Johnny Ramone guitar which was said to be in great condition and only two strings had ever been used  

Politics:  Arizona requires students to pass a civics test before graduation. High school seniors immediately begin studying all cars made by Honda  Obama refuses to meet with the leader of the Republican Party  Rock and roll, Houthi coup  

Business:  Disney CEO gets 35% pay raise to $46.5 million, can now finally afford to take his family for a week's vacation at Disney World  Oil prices rise in dead king bounce  British supermarkets have their own private-label, store brand single malt whiskys which are exactly the same as expensive brands but a fraction of the price. That's it - submitter is moving to Britain and running for governor there
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2015-01-27 04:08:55 AM  
Thanks for your work on this, Unfreakable.

It was a good week for headlines.
2015-01-27 07:32:53 AM  

quatchi: Thanks for your work on this, Unfreakable.

It was a good week for headlines.

All good, man  :-)

BTW, Flash thread up, but I asked Nefarious if we should have separate threads for Flash/Arrow/Agent Carter or if a Tuesday superthread would be better and keep everybody in a single thread, which is easier to follow than multiple threads.
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