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Fairway plane gets home in one, an abscessive compulsive dentist, and Toyota unveils the Hindenberg: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 11/16 - 11/22
Posted by Unfreakable at 2014-11-24 10:32:37 AM (2 comments) | Permalink
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This is the last week to get headlines into consideration for the 2014 Headline of the Year contest. Submit accordingly, if that's your bag. Also, happy Thanksgiving this week!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-11-16 to Sat 2014-11-22:  Fairway plane gets a home in one  

  Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, FLU  Three sinkholes leave Florida town on edge, of three sinkholes  Hard-hitting feature by CNN looks at the top 25 selfies of the week. Coming up at the top of the hour: a local cat can't believe a nearby sound  Officials say deceased hair salon patron did not have Ebola, she simply curled up & dyed  Your obligatory HOLY CRAP Buffalo Lake Effect Snow photo compilation. I'm guessing the only reason people actually want to live there is because the city has an excellent football team  In an emergency procedure, dentist removes 202 teeth from a 7-year-old girl. Yes, he was abscessive compulsive  The only thing that changes after you convert your crab boat into a floating strip club is who catches the crabs  Remember when parents used to fight over really cool toys? Now they're fighting over pink plastic pregnant puppies. Which also doubles as the name of subby's new Chinese polka bluegrass band  Family loses everything in fire at Joe's Garage. Fire blamed on band playing with a cheesy amp and a second-hand Stratocaster with a whammy bar  Man arrested for punching a police horse, being only a pawn in the game of life  

Sports:  Kevin Harvick wins NASCAR Sprint Cup. Personally, I haven't been this excited over a fake championship win since Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30  Out for how long? Too many, Cooks  Buffalo Bills coach Doug Marrone comes upon driver stuck in snow, pushes the car for nine yards and then punts  

Geek:  LEGO releases Minecraft LEGO sets, otherwise known as LEGO  Researchers find that people tend to live longer than they predict they will. Although no one ever seems to live as long as a wealthy relative  Seven Star Trek technologies scientists are working on right now. Missing from the list: Lightsabers  

Entertainment:  Shockingly, the mayor of Baltimore isn't a huge fan of "The Wire"- kinda feels it gives people the impression that B-more is a corrupt, dangerous, dysfunctional city instead of a corrupt, dangerous, dysfunctional city with good beer and crabcakes  NBC: No Bill Cosby  Former En Vogue singer Dawn Robinson says that if Lifetime airs a biopic about the group that doesn't include her character in it, she'll sue them for millions. But she's never gonna get it  

Politics:  Florida city council race that ended in a tie is settled by a coin toss. Once again, an election being decided by money  McConnell: "We can't have a shut down, and we need a plan. Quick, Johnny, what can you make of this" Boehner: "This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl"  In the spirit of Obama's announcement last night: Native Americans remind everyone that they granted blanket amnesty to 316.1 million illegals  

Business:  Toyota unveils new hydrogen car, plans to call it "Hindenberg"  Survey finds that even women who have an MBA from Harvard are "disappointed" by their careers. Medieval studies graduates who eke out an existence selling crap on Etsy and selling their plasma unavailable for comment  Rare 9.75 carat blue diamond sells for $32.6 million, or in NY Yankees terms, approximately 4 season box seats
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2014-11-24 07:02:05 PM  
Hey, I'm back on the list. Although I should have TWO, because for some reason my "NBC = No Bill Cosby" was rejected, even though I submitted it first.

/nope, I'm not bitter
2014-11-24 09:51:49 PM  

HawgWild: Hey, I'm back on the list. Although I should have TWO, because for some reason my "NBC = No Bill Cosby" was rejected, even though I submitted it first.

/nope, I'm not bitter

You deserved that one. Sorry the admins didn't get yours quicker, I think the first admin didn't get the joke and the second admin did with the subsequent submission. Sorry you got jobbed.
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