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Kim Jong Un-dead, bedbugs now able to fit in at Phish shows, and BB gun suspect faces a pellet judge: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 10/12 - 10/18
Posted by Unfreakable at 2014-10-20 11:57:28 AM (1 comment) | Permalink
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Happy Monday, everybody. Some headlines from last week to get your week started right...

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-10-12 to Sat 2014-10-18:  Earthquake in Central A-mer-i-ca, damage in Central A-mer-i-ca, one dead in Central A-mer-i-ca  Thief throws dagger at homeowner. DOBBY, NO  CONFIRMED: Kim Jong Un-dead  Kentucky elementary school bans birthday cakes, since 17 candles on a 5th grader's cake is considered a fire hazard  Woman sent to jail over overgrown yard. In the midnight hour she cried, "Mower, mower, mower"  Study finds the essential oils you've been spraying to kill bed bugs is only helping them meet cooler people at Phish shows  Group of trekkers killed in Nepal by heavy snow, wearing red shirts  Suspect with BB gun to face a pellet judge  Judge orders Crystal Lake bleach-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah-ers demolished  Hurricane Gonzalo threatens Bermuda, forcing travelers to seek alternate destinations. THANKS OBAHAMAS  Teenager has quadratic equation tattooed on his butt. In a few years he'll be trying to solve for why  

Sports:  There once was this guy, Victor Cruz. And I know this is hard news...But this Giant old fella, just tore his patella, and his team then went on to lose  Bengals, Panthers game ends in a tie. NFL considers awarding the win to the team with the fewest domestic violence arrests  P-P-P-Percy and the Jets  

Geek:  Google set to release Nexus 6. My mother? Let me tell you about my mother  Thirty "problem monkeys" being exported from Gibraltar to Scotland, where their unchecked aggression, poo-flinging ability and propensity to bite without warning will allow them to fit right in on a Glasgow Saturday night  EU scientists studying ways of turning food waste into some sort of edible product, apparently unaware that the McRib already did that  

Entertainment:  Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine says his mother-in-law is missing... But who's looking?  SiriusXM Canada to run all-Sarah McLachlan radio channel this weekend, which will sound like the longest Humane Society PSA of all time  2014 is first year ever with zero certified platinum records. This comes as a surprise to zero people who have heard any music in 2014  

Politics:  Army War College revokes Senator Walsh's degree. No statement yet on whether you can still get a Master's degree with 14 page thesis  Istanbul was once on-board with US Policy / Why they change? Obama can't say. / Guess they liked it better this way  Republicans are back to a 60% chance of taking the Senate in Nate Silver's latest number crunching. This means that you can go back to either loving, then hating, then loving him, or hating, then loving, then hating him  

Business:  States that have legalized same-sex marriage are thrilled to be where gay couples blow their wad  Rolls-Royce cuts sales forecast after experiencing a rash of phantom orders  Moody's cuts Russian debt rating to borscht
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2014-10-20 12:06:29 PM  
Happy Monday. Xo
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