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Man on tracks gets intense physical training, Ferguson police participate in #tbt, and bare bones burglar bones bear: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 10/5 - 10/11
Posted by Unfreakable at 2014-10-13 7:42:59 AM (0 comments) | Permalink
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Some great headlines this week, I had a lot of trouble voting. Headline of the Year cutoff is coming soon--it's not too late to step up and get one of yours in there for consideration...

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-10-05 to Sat 2014-10-11:  Confucius say: Man who lies on tracks undergoes intense physical training  Judge rules Ferguson police violated U.S. Constitution but upheld Newton's First Law of Motion  Watch a Ford Fiesta being assembled in 86 seconds by robots. Or you could buy one and watch the whole process reverse itself in your driveway over the next three years  'Go with the flow' campaign urges people to pee in the shower. Rival 'Heel it down the drain' program not as successful  Australian woman lost in bush for seventeen days. This would never happen in Brazil  White cop kills black teenager in St Louis #tbt  Mexico captures head of the Juarez word on if the body was still attached  Skipper fired after grabbing buttocks of sailor's wife, says it was his duty as captain to inspect all booty  Everett Semone had an axe, he gave his parents 40 whacks, when the locals saw what he had done, they tied him up until police could come  Thief gets stuck in a chimney after an attempted restaurant break-in, as Australia's flue season officially begins  Bare bones burglar bones bear  

Sports:  Michael Phelps announces that he is headed to rehab because he drinks like a ... um, he drinks a lot  The NFL bans beats by Ray... er, I mean Beats by Dre  San Jose Sharks claim elusive 4th win against LA Kings  

Geek:  Nobel Prize in physics goes to inventors of blue LED. Will be shared with the inventor of black electrical tape everyone uses to cover those bright farking things  Scientists take tentative step toward making the MIB neuralyzer a reality. At least, we think they did. Can't remember  WWF demands in-depth environmental study to dump dredge soil on land, powerbombs through flaming tables  

Entertainment:  Days of Our Lives star injured and his girlfriend airlifted to hospital in critical condition after his car lost control on bend and flipped over. At least that's what his evil long lost twin wants you to believe  Ever simmle Bah Dyla leeric ta bay pulished  Kate Moss drinks from glass modeled after her breast, said those were the best drops of champagne she'd ever had  

Politics:  Kenyan President to step down temporarily. The Tea Party start planning a going away party  Obama blew it by not acting more forcefully against ISIS - but that's just what you'd expect that trigger-happy warmongering monster Jimmy Carter to say  Mike Huckabee threatens to leave Republican Party unless they push harder against gay marriage. Harder. What, are you a wimp? Harder. Damnit, HARDER, I SAID, PUSH HARDER  

Business:  Johnson Controls CEO shows complete lack of johnson control  U.S. travel industry is now worried that Ebola will alter holiday vacation plans. Especially for families who have booked a carefree week of fun and frolic in Sierra Leone  IKEA expands into the insurance market, as the company now goes from using a wrench to a screw
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