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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-09-07 to Sat 2014-09-13
Posted by Unfreakable at 2014-09-19 3:56:04 PM (1 comment) | Permalink
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Sorry so late, this got hung up because of Monday's newsletter blog (I was trying to not push this at the same time the other was going), and it got set aside. Sincere apologies.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-09-07 to Sat 2014-09-13:  Lake Oswego police are searching for a man who likes to drink beer and touch himself, have narrowed the suspects down to everyone  Prince William and Duchess Kate expecting a second child, fulfilling the prophecy of the Sith  Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy dies at 93. Cathy's last words were "AACKKKK!"  Arizona is underwater. This is not a repeat from December 7, 1941  Police ID Cleveland-area teens responsible for prank on autistic kid, Roger Goodell sentences them to attend two Browns games  Teacher shoots armed and dangerous nutjob in elementary school bathroom  Japanese Burger King introduces Black Burger. No plans to release it in America as it would immediately be shot by the police  Sperm donor dies of a heart attack after making his fourth deposit in a week. He was making money hand over fist  Poet pushes for short penis acceptance. Well, we assume he's pushing  Doctor in isolation in Nebraska says he's at 80%. Unfortunately the other 20% is still Ebola  Woman caught on camera stealing footstools off peoples' front porches. Authorities suspect she may be trying to create her own ottoman empire  

Sports:  Husband calls his wife's cell only to have Derek Jeter answer. You'd better hope a gift basket doesn't show up on your doorstep, buddy  Brazil unveils soccer field where players' movement powers the lights. Considers inviting Germany over to get it working  Former stripper sues Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, says that he was all over her like a defensive linebacker on Tony Romo  

Geek:  Some scents are scientifically proven to make you happy. They're called Pharrellmones  New 'soft robot' walks through snow, is undamaged by flames and can be run over by a car without being stopped. It's almost like they don't make scientists watch 'The Terminator' anymore  Teens invent 'Tampon Run' video game to break menstruation taboo. Article does not mention how many periods each game lasts  

Entertainment:  Tom Cruise will ride Iceman's tail once again in 'Top Gun 2'  Orlando Bloom rumored to return for Paychecks of the Caribbean 5  Jaws bites it  

Politics:  Councilman wants city council prayers "directed to the same God addressed in the Founding Fathers' signatory documents that established this nation." So "Nature's God," it is  Obama: ISIS is about to become WASWAS  Gallup poll finds Congress approval has fallen to 14%, or just between "prostate exam" and "wisdom tooth extraction"  

Business:  Want better food? Want to feed the planet? Skip the farmer's market and the grow local movement, says a food policy analyst in this radio interview. Up next, Dr. Malthus  New study finds that insulted customers spend more than others. Which now explains how Best Buy is able to stay in business  Pawn shop goes up in flames, insurance company offers 100 bucks for it
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2014-09-19 05:11:08 PM  
Been awhile but I'm back in the list.
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