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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-03-23 to Sat 2014-03-29
Posted by Unfreakable at 2014-04-03 9:26:17 PM (1 comment) | Permalink
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This one is a little late; thought this went out the other day and missed it.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-03-23 to Sat 2014-03-29:  Vatican now allowing the use of condoms in certain situations  Invention from mother of wheelchair-bound son helps him and other physically impaired children walk for the first time. Parents advised not make auto-loader noises, or simulate fights with xenomorphs  Good news: We're going back to the moon  Remains of an ancient caveman found in Arizona. Head count being conducted at the state capitol to see who's missing  Ex-teacher sues Catholic school that fired her for getting pregnant while unmarried, despite famous precedent  Total cost of Michelle Obama's first week in China was more than the annual budget of several third world nations  Toronto mattress factory fire upgraded to six alarms. That should wake them up  Jenga  Online news organizations have now created 5,000 new jobs, none of which were for fact checkers  100 years ago today, a group of radicals planned the murder of Franz Ferdinand. Hipster radicals, obviously, since they hated Franz Ferdinand well before the rest of us ever heard "Take Me Out"  Flock of Seagulls has another hit  

Sports:  Andrew Wiggins can't save Kansas. Bugger  Kentucky holds off upset bid from plucky underdog Wichita State, who made a surprisingly close game of it for a bunch of guys who were probably just happy to be there  Goodell says millions of fans want an NFL team in Los Angeles. A couple thousand of them might actually attend the games. You know, after two or three Super Bowl victories of course. And assuming the 105 isn't too backed up  

Geek:  Autism develops during pregnancy, which begs the question: How do vaccines make you pregnant?  Record quantum entanglement experiment allows for two Schrödinger cats to be alive, dead, or in 101 other states simultaneously, although at least seventy of those states involve hacking up furballs  Pollution blamed for feminization of fish. I didn't even know fish watched Lifetime  

Entertainment:  First close-up photo of the new Green Goblin. Passable work, Parker, now get out of my office  Whichever members of Fleetwood Mac are speaking to each other this month are planning a reunion tour  insists that while he did have sex with a woman suing him for child support in ten cities mentioned in one of his songs, the child isn't his because she "banged a lot of dudes"  

Politics:  Bill Maher is hard at work trying to find the worst member of Congress. So far, he has it narrowed down to 435 suspects in the House and 100 in the Senate. This may take a while  US kicks Russia out of the G8. Putin says they'll play next season in the Big Ten  Congressional bill seeks to ban online gambling. If people want to watch their money being thrown away electronically, they'll just have to watch C-SPAN  

Business:  Anthony Weiner to write a monthly business column called "Weiner". Once again, the pen is mightier  Oculus Rift partners with Facebook, promises notifications upon getting teabagged  Chick-fil-A claims American fast-food chicken crown, collects nearly $1 billion more annual revenue than KFC despite 60 percent fewer restaurants, no Sunday hours, and minimal presence outside the Confederacy
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2014-04-03 10:02:49 PM  
Kind of a weak week.
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